Brundibar and the Children of Theresienstadt

Brundibar and the Children of Theresienstadt

Presented by the International Opera Theater and International House Philadelphia.

Four performances!
Sunday, January 27th: 3pm ($12)
Tuesday, January 29th: 10am ($8)
Wednesday, January 30th: 10am ($8)
Sunday, February 3rd: 3pm ($12)

This live musical tells the story of the children who gave 55 performances of the little opera Brundibar in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during WWII. The sense of hope that was transferred to them by their art, music and drama teachers enabled them, and countless other prisoners, to live their final days uplifted and joyously humming the famous lullaby from their childhood. Brundibar and The Children of Theresienstadt boasts an original script, based on writings of prisoners. In addition to the presentation of the short opera, there is additional music that was permitted in the camp; songs in German, French and Italian, by Ravel, Strauss, Dvorák and Mascagni. Brundibar was immortalized by Maurice Sendak in his book of the same name.



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