The Thermals have recently finished recording their sixth LP (title and label TBA) with John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Hold Steady) at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ. Mixing was completed October 28th, just hours before Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast.

The Thermals hope to have the new record released in early spring of 2013, and will be making (m)an(y) appearance(s) at SXSW in March. Almost two and a half years have passed since their last record, Personal Life (Kill Rock Stars, 2010) came out. But as David Lynch told Louis C.K. in his three rules for show business, "You gotta go away to come back".

The Thermals describe the upcoming album as "Everything Thermals fans know and love about this band. It's like a cross between two of our best-known and -loved records, More Parts Per Million (Sub Pop, 2003) and The Body, The Blood, The Machine (Sub Pop, 2006.) It's loud, fast, incredibly scary and undeniably catchy."

Dirty Ghosts

The San Fransisco-band Dirty Ghosts are ready to release their new album. In the three years since their acclaimed debut-album, Metal Moon, Dirty Ghosts lead singer and guitarist Allyson Baker and crew hunkered down to record the newest Dirty Ghosts album Let It Pretend.

"While listening to the debut album from San Francis- co’s Dirty Ghosts, the finer aspects of their dirty met- al-blues roots is at-once difficult to ascertain, and somehow easy to imagine. For every bubbly vocal cadence perpetrated by vocalist Allyson Baker, some filthy riff comes up for air to anchor a surfacing edgi- ness. When one of Aesop Rock’s deftly articulated drum programming contributions blasts into being, the inherent groove found in the group’s funktastic milieu takes the wheel and steers a bouncy batch of highly danceable cuts away from the shoulder. Looted from the still-warm corpse of SF’s Parchman Farm in 2006, Baker and bassist Carson Binks began as a duo bent on rawer sonic sensibilities—essen- tially a stripped-down version of their former group. But Binks’ 2011 ship-jump necessitated a new direc- tion for Baker, away from the blues-swathed avenues she’d been dabbling in, and into a newer chapter that included surmounting an aversion to singing. Helped along by Rock’s influence—it ought to be known, lest the continental collide seem strange, he’s Baker’s husband—the debut album, Metal Moon, proffers an urbanized pop-rock piñata, bursting with saccha- rine-sweet melodies, multi-dimensional beats and a wealth of sultry sonatas." --NOISE POP


The She’s are born and bred San Francisco gals who create garage-pop beachy tunes that make you want to fast forward to summer. The group is lead by vocalist Hannah Valente, harmonized by guitarist Eva Treadway, and perfected by drummer Sinclair Riley and bassist Sami Perez. Since emerging into the tightly-knit San Francisco music scene, The She’s garnered a ton of success early on. They were included in The San Francisco Guardian’s “Bands On The Rise,” and hold recurring features on The Bay Bridged. Since their inception, they’ve been frequently invited to play at most well-known San Francisco venues, opening for bands like Girls, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and Yuck.

The She’s are more than just your average girl band. These talented BFFs have been playing music together since elementary school-and their closeness shines through in their perfectly tuned three part harmonies. With songs about hanging out, love, and dreaming about boys, these ladies are a swoon-worthy bunch who can make anyone feel giddy. The She’s most recently released a lo-fi ’60s-inspired album- Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer, and are back with a more mature and nuanced release to bring you right back to that sandy place in your daydreams.

"Sun-dazed harmonies, tight, toe-tapping rhythms and the kind of beachy pop you’d listen to in a convertible on vacation.” –7×7 Magazine

E V Kain (ex-Hella)

"The newly emerging self-produced band E V Kain released their first single, a happy lighthearted machination of atypical rhythm. November 12, past members of the bands Hella, Cigar, and Broken Bells dropped 'Yes No Maybe,' a fond promise of things to come from this technical three piece. 'Yes No Maybe' promises a lot of potential to listeners of this up and coming band, blending smooth melody with complex time signature rhythms."


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