The Carpet Squares

The Carpet Squares

The Carpet Squares began as a recording project of Nick Fazzini (vocals, guitar, sequencing, bass) and Brian Strain (drums, vocals, keyboards, bass). In 2009 they set out to write and record a full-length album of new, original music. The project became an all-encompasing independent effort -- Fazzini and Strain took on all tasks of constructing the album themselves -- writing and performing all parts, as well as handling all engineering and mixing work as well.

The resulting album is a well-paced work that is both coherent and evolving as it navigates blends of textural rock, folk, and electronic pop. In November of 2011 the self-titled, full-length album was independently released and is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

Since the release of the album, The Carpet Squares have augmented their live performance line-up with Dan Richardson, a talented bassist, and vocalist. They have played a handful of acoustic and electric gigs at Milkboy Ardmore as well as private parties. With an album in-hand, this energetic trio is eager to deliver their sound to fellow music lovers. The Carpet Squares are actively booking gigs in the Philadelphia area.


The Philadelphia-based band of singer/guitar player Sam Vile, Will and Paul Donahue on drums and bass and lead-guitar player Jared Pennington, formed in 2006. But the childhood friends began creating music together more than a decade ago, first meeting in church as wee tots.

And if you think Sam Vile sounds familiar, you’re on to something. Sam’s older brother, Kurt Vile, recently signed to Matador Records. Although the b...rothers write songs in the same vein, each has created his own sound.

“Kamikaze Blues,” Vilebred’s first album, recently released last yearon Kind of Colombian Records, hints musically of Radiohead with the playfulness of Cake -- if Cake wrote songs like Jay Reatard.

Stand out tracks include “Kamikaze Blues,” where Vilebred invites you to grab that clown and put its head into the ground; “Lust,” a song that combines woeful strings with triumphant guitars; and “Walking Nothing,” featuring backing vocals from Philadelphia’s the Sisters 3.

The Bigness

Meet The Bigness, where front-woman Kristin Bigness’s uber-melodic folk Americana meets lead guitarist John Bueno’s Stephen Malkmus-meets-Neil Young guitar riffs. Each song off their latest EP Surf+Turf is a unique story that conjures Kristin’s gently nuanced voices—while remaining grounded in a steady folk strum and backing vocals that scream Air, Lennon/McCartney, and The Supremes all at once.

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