Stupa Thought

Stupa Thought

Stupa Thought is an original Project from Philadelphia, Pa. Originally formed in 2008 by Trent S. as a side project the music has come a long way. Through the years Stupa Thought has had a few drummers and finally now we have a solid one that is a cool dude. Being a local and all original band has been fun and gets us all very excited. Our plans this summer include recording a demo, some vids, getting ourselves promoted a bit more. And last but not least. ROCKING YOUR SOCKS RIGHT OFF YOUR FEET. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.

This Temper

"It’s not easy to compare This Temper to anything else going on in the Philly local circuit, or mainstream music either. In fact, as cliché as it sounds, there really is nothing out their quite like this band of brothers, especially in terms of a live show. The best way to describe a performance in a word is explosive. As Nick sings transcendent lyrics, he rocks his drum kit so hard the show momentarily pauses so he can place a cinder block in front of his bass drum. While drumming and singing he plays the synth simultaneously. Both artists engage the crowd as well during their performance, Nick making his way into the crowd to free style lyrics to their song “The Romantic” to an entranced audience as Mike wails mercilessly on his guitar. The energy poured from the stage as on lookers tucked away in corners of the skate park weasel their way out to take a closer look at the undiscovered, local musical phenomenon...." -Lauren Gordon

Drake City

Vice Royal

Philadelphia's Vice Royal has a new album dropping this in the spring of 2012.



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