In just over a year, Seapony have gone from buzzed-about Midwest transplants to reliable dream pop purveyors, with fans from the shores of the Pacific Northwest to the neon-dappled wards of Japan. The September release date for their sophomore LP Falling heralds, appropriately, the onset of fall. It’s an album primed for autumnal enjoyment, handily conjuring the placid atmosphere of a Northwest summer’s twilight days. This is fitting, as the band is entering a new and more ambitious period in their career, with a sharper-than-ever live show and a fanbase that grows by the day.

Formed in 2010, Seapony is bassist Ian Brewer and core songwriting duo—and longtime couple—Jen Weidl (guitars, vocals, lyrics) and Danny Rowland (guitar, lyrics), who met in Ohio in the early 2000s. Their coastal relocation has served them well; their debut LP Go With Me was rife with humbly infectious shore-side ebullience.

Falling sees Weidl and Rowland incorporating some of their live show’s palpable rock energy into Seapony’s patented sun-kissed sound. With guitars engaged in a delicate, complex pa-de-deux, and fuller, less-rigid percussion, Falling is a record of disarming grace. Fans of the economic, winsome lyrics of Go With Me will be pleased to hear similarly relatable poesies set against a richer sonic palette, one that’s been blessed with a vivid and audible warmth from the engineers at Olympia’s renowned Dub Narcotic Studios.

"While this kind of pure, jangly pop might be coming back, this trio seems seem to be doing it better than anyone, at least at the moment." -- Blurt

Rose Melberg

Rose Melberg grew up in Sacramento, but her musical career was honed in the burgeoning indie pop/punk scene of Olympia, Washington. It all began, as they say, in 1992 with Tiger Trap, a seminal velvet pop-punk that burned too fast and the group disbanded after two tours. Rose then formed The Softies with Jen Sbragia. Two guitars with two angelic voices, a handful of singles on K and Slumberland Records and three full length albums were recorded from 1994-2001.

In addition to her work with Tiger Trap and The Softies, Rose also played with Go Sailor and Gaze, and has recorded three solo albums since 1998. Now living in Vancouver, British Columbia with her son, Rose rejoined the K team in 2009 with Homemade Ship.


French Cassettes are a four-piece indie pop band whose first release, Summer Darling, is not only easy on the ears but also serves as a clear statement of their upbeat intentions. In the few years that French Cassettes have been together, they have made a significant impact on both the local and national scene. With their roots in Ripon, California, a small central valley town, and currently based in San Francisco, French Cassettes have won numerous area music awards and competitions including the famed Hayward Battle of the Bands.



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