Kill The Sound

Kill The Sound

Kill The Sound is a fun new band that combines the elements of Alternative and Garage Rock to create an energy-packed sound with lots of hooks and a meaningful message behind every song.

Born From Ashes

Born From Ashes in an archetype combining high octane hard rock with obsessive chaos propelling dueling vocals and guitar harmonies with unrelenting, vigorous rhythms. Evading the breed of the overabundant, monotonous metal bands, Born From Ashes, formed in 2006, as an anti-stigmatic group bridging the gap between hard rock and metal in Orlando’s metal scene.
Releasing their first demo EP online to a worldwide audience in 2006, followed up with a successful 2008 digital release, BFA gained notoriety with their track, "Desertion" on Orlando’s 101.1
BFA are currently in post-production on their newest studio album, " Better Left Unsaid," and are scheduled to debut and perform a forthcoming track from the album live on Orlando’s real radio 104.1. A supporting tour to their release is in development.

Another Life Spared

ANOTHER LIFE SPARED is a Metal/Hard Rock/Alternative band from Brevard County, Florida; which started in 2010 by crushing metal vocalist Will Hayes, melodic vocalist Jennifer Perez, along with guitarist Cody Byrd and drummer Kevin Stricker. Along the way they picked up lead guitarist Dillon Tuttle. A few months later, ALS parted ways with there original drummer, and in August 2010 welcomed Kevin Ruffo to the family. Running as this line-up into 2011, ALS kicked it into high gear sharing the stage with many influential local bands. Then in March 2011 they welcomed Vaughn Mobley on Bass which turned the band into a 6 piece. During this time, Cody Byrd parted ways with the band, and in April 2011, Greg Moir was welcomed to the family as rhythm guitarist.

Filling out the current line-up, they are on a constant pursuit to improve themselves musically, and personally through hard work, and dedication towards their art. Through this hard work, they’ve had the honor and privilege to play with national acts like: SALIVA, COLD, HED PE, SPINESHANK, DIECAST, PSYCHOSTICK, MACHINA, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, MOTOGRATER, ALLELE, EYE EMPIRE, EKOTREN and VENTANA, as well as many great local acts.

Along the way they have discovered a musical insight and differences that each members brings to the table. The journey has had its share of ups and downs, yet, the name, the sound, the vibe, has brought savage smiles to the faces of many. If not for ALS’s dedicated supporters, none of this would have been possible and the band would have not thrived or gotten where it is today. Look for ALS around the local scene. As a group they work to be better as individuals. As Another Life Spared, they strive to succeed.

Mr. Bella

Tampa outfit Mr. Bella draws influence from every corner of the modern rock landscape to create their own genre-obliterating melodic style: an engaging, guitar-driven sound as ready for Contemporary Alternative radio as it is for the Hard Music format. Equal parts hook and pummel, Mr. Bella stands apart with their hypnotic rhythms, pop-inspired songwriting smarts, and a knack for the catchy stuff.

Mr. Bella are currently performing showcases in support of their latest release, titled "Cross My Heart", which is produced & engineered by Brett Hestla (of the Warner Bros. band Dark New Day, Creed, producer for Tantric and Framing Hanley). They have supported such disparate recording artists as Sevendust, Taproot, Sick Puppies, Tantric, My Darkest Days, Bush, Hollywood Undead, Buckcherry, Hinder, Hoobastank, Lit, The Exies, The Toadies, Oleander, Marcy's Playground, 10 Years, The Almost, The Safety Suit, Medina Lake, Full Devil Jacket, and more.

Check out their latest releases, including a rockin' remake of Lady GaGa's "Just Dance", released in January 2011, and their latest single titled "Psychological" released in September 2011. Their upcoming single "Hurt Like Hell" is soon to be released

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