Caspian, Junius

"Caspian is attempting to chisel away a little niche in the wall, swimming against the overwhelming tide of an increasingly overcrowded genre. "Tertia" succeeds in this endeavor surprisingly well... There is heavyweight contender status here."

After touring solidly across North America, the UK, and Europe for the last several years, the bearded men of Junius are currently working on the follow-up to their critically acclaimed The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist (on The Mylene Sheath worldwide and Make My Day Records in Europe).

The past year has seen Junius touring extensively in support of both The Martyrdom and their new split 10" with Juarez (Us Two Records), recently touring and playing with the likes of Valient Thorr, Howl, Orbs, Rosetta, Battlefields, Tombs, City of Ships, Caspian, Irepress, Mastodon, Bad Religion, and many others.

Junius has been electrifying rapt audiences with its spellbinding walls of reverb-drenched guitars, haunting vocals and self-made lights since 2003. The band's music is both cinematic and accessible, building to crescendos which echo some of Post Rock's most epic moments, but with vocals, hooks, and lyrics creating focus throughout. While Junius can be tough to categorize (they've been called a hybrid of Neurosis and The Smiths by Rolling Stone), band members have cited such artists as Bedhead (Junius singer/guitarist Joseph E. Martinez's uncle Trini was their drummer), Philip Glass, Hum, and M83 among a long list of inspirations.

Shortly after releasing their first EP, Forcing Out The Silence, in 2004, Junius began a tireless touring regimen to fan the flames of an already blazing press. Among its accolades, Disclosure Magazine declared the debut "one of the most engaging Dark Rock albums to come out since Joy Division last graced a stage." Junius toured for over 9 months and played over 200 shows in the first year alone, embracing a DIY ethic which remains at the core of the band's ideology.

"After two records of Pelican worship, the sextet's third LP added bad-cop-only mouthpiece in Kyle Hardy, and the riffage got rabid. Other than a few well-timed, delay soaked interludes, What You Were is all onslaught, smartly detonating triumphant melodies beneath the collapse and crush." - Decibel Magazine.

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