A Victim Of Good Times

A Victim Of Good Times

Heavily influenced by guitar-driven rock, post-punk and surf, AVOGT delivers warm yet aggressive waves of guitar and vocal harmonies over staccato ripples of bass and drums. Fronted by Matt Gaines (November Radio) and featuring bassist Mike Lebovitz (Father Bingo), drummer Dan Sagherian (Overlord, Brody) and guitarist Clayton Thomas (Bad Press, Svingali).

Spotted Atrocious

The five members of the Spotted Atrocious are a self proclaimed militia whose alternate brand of Indie infused pop rock is infiltrating the Philadelphia music scene. Currently hailing from West Chester, the band operates on authenticity, creativity and the artistic talent of all five guys. Together since 2008 Ryan Warfield (guitarist/vocalist), Liam Tinney (guitarist), Mark Mullen (keyboardist), Mitchell Way (bassist) and Chris Hall (drummer) are currently working on a self recorded and produced debut album due out fall 2010. Their current collection of dynamic songs navigate a wide range fluctuating between acoustic introspective melodies ("I Left The Earth Three Times") to experimental frenzied mixtures ("Blow It Out Your Ass") where at any moment keyboard could steal the spotlight and melt into lead guitar. Lyrically charged and laced with revolution, Spotted Atrocious are currently scheduled to play at several venues in the area. Come check out the band and enroll yourself in The Spotted Atrocious Militia.


Evergreen is a rock band with pop rock influences, as well as a hint of Indie Rock, that is proud in its variety of song styles. Evergreen, formed in mid September of 2009, just finished recording their first album Here Is Now... Evergreen wants to put musical competence back in Pop/rock music with a focus on quality musicianship and simple, yet thought provoking, lyrics. Key changes, meter changes, unique chord progressions, wide vocal range and harmonies, and intelligent song writing set this band apart, which gains much respect from other highly qualified musicians, but keeps it relatable to the average listener.

During the past few months, Evergreen has shared the stage with plenty of great artists such as; The Ataris, Jupiter One, The Lives Of Famous Men, The Higher, Between The Trees and Don’t Panic.

Luke Elliot

Luke Elliot is a young songwriter with an old soul. On his second disc, “Death of a Widow”, Elliot creates predominately dark-hued musical landscapes which serves as backdrop to his tales of love, heartbreak and obsession. There are elements of Americana (specifically Faulkner, Dylan and Cohen) in this disc’s five tracks but Elliot ‘modernizes’ the classic Americana sound into something that is both delicate but dangerous. Elliot’s clear vocals drive each song (in addition to driving home the lyrics) and the vocals are
complemented by brooding piano and guitar arrangements. The end result has Elliot carving out his own niche where he sounds more like an alt-folk “cousin” to John Cale or aless-deranged Nick Cave than the aforementioned Americana artists. -BROOKLYN ROCKS



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