Boxing Day Show - A Portion of the Proceeds to be donated to Philabundance

Boxing Day Show - A Portion of the Proceeds to be donated to Philabundance

The Idle Idols

The Timid Roosevelts

Indie pop trio out of Bordentown, NJ, carrying influences like
Costado, The Blank Blank Experience, The Grand Nationals.

Tamer Abouras

I'm Tamer (which is pronounced like hammer, but with a "T" and missing one of the "M's") and I'm not a musician. I make some homemade songs sometimes and if you get bored and wanna listen to them, that's cool. I love you and Jesus does too.

E. Joseph

Edward Joseph Neenan (E.Joseph) took a break from his work with Baltimore-based power-pop bands Splitsville and Myracle Brah and from his own band, Bunny, to tour as a singer-songwriter with a beat up acoustic guitar, an assortment of effects pedals, and a cassette boom box. After releasing a solo record in 2006 entitled Absinthe Minded under the pseudonym E.Joseph, Ed began to expand his songwriting palette by adding arrangements provided by band mates Nick Porcaro (drums), Snuttock (keyboards), and Mia Regalado (bass). Soon the band name was augmented from simply E.Joseph to introduce the collective name and identity of the backing band of Porcaro, Regalado and Snuttock—The Phantom Heart.

E. Joseph and the Phantom Heart give the world power-pop that is modern and streamlined, perfect for people who listen to pop because they love to rock out and sing along. Although firmly rooted in the sound of The Church and Echo and The Bunnymen, the band’s sound has evolved into an eclectic amalgam of Editors meets The Sheila Devine, Hurricane #1, and the Pernice Brothers.

Zachary Zeigler



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