The Midnight Ghost Train, Hell for a Hometown, The Loathsome Marauders, You Me and Us, SatanParty

The Midnight Ghost Train

Thick sludge with some good old desert rock fuzziness.

Hell for a Hometown

NC punk with brews, friends, partying and skateboarding.
We believe that the Punk scene in NC should stick together.
Hittin' the streets hard with shows and crews,
and fucking shit up as much as we can with punk rock.

The Loathsome Marauders

Music to drink to, cry to, fuck to, and fight to.
We're just a group of ragtag rebels who share a love of classic country, hard rock, cult movies, late-night drinking, and giving a nice big middle finger to society.


Satanparty is the true culmination of evil-comedic poetry wrapped up in an organic electronic guitar-based synthesis. It stands for moral decay with true narcissistic confidence set to a funky beat. Come party with Satanparty.

$5.00 - $7.00


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