THE VOICE: Cuba Meets Oakland prt.2 featuring KOKINO of Anonimo Consejo Cuba

KOKINO of Anonimo Consejo Cuba

Anónimo Consejo was a Cuban rap duo whose name translates into English asAnonymous Advice. The group consisted of Maigel "MC Kokino" Entenza Jaramillo and Yosmel "MC Sekou" Sarrias, and was known for the social and political themes in their music.It was one of the most popular hip hop groups in Cuba during its prime.In 2011, the duo split to pursue individual interests.
Their material included some of the most politically edgy lyrics in all of Cuban music, but due to the Cuban government's unwillingness to support hip-hop the group was careful to restrain some of their lyrics. In fact, some of their songs were extremely pro-Cuban, a stance which got them a contract with a state run promotional company.Despite this, Jaramillo was once detained by Cuban police overnight shortly after a performance of their song "Las Apariencios Engañan'". Regardless of the groups’ criticisms of the Cuban government, Anónimo Consejo wished to gain success in Cuba without defecting and tried to remain true to their Cuban roots. Sarrias and Jaramillo were supporters of controversial men like Jose Marti and Che Guevara, both important figures in the Cuban Revolution.

DJ Leydis CUBA

DJ LEYDIS was born and raised in Cuba. She became involved in the Cuban hip hop movement during its inception and helped organize events, community shows, and a women’s hip hop collective called Omega. Leydis has created the first female DJ mixtape and has performed across Cuba as a spoken word artist. She also continues to be an articulate speaker on Cuban hip-hop culture and how the embargo and travel ban has prevented the exchange of music and culture between the U.S and Cuba. Having recently moved to the United States, she currently resides in the Bay Area and has toured with DJ for Omegas Kilay, Las Krudas, and Los Rakas.

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