Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain

Taking the stage for what’s easily the 100th time in almost as many days, Edwin McCain casually joins his band as they start off another set that’s impossibly tight and laid back at the same time. By the time his vocals kick in, it’s clear that this is no ordinary troubadour on the club circuit. This is Edwin McCain, the voice that is romance incarnate, has launched a thousand marriages and stirred up Southern soul for over 20 years.

For the guy who always dreamed of a life on the road, Edwin’s massive pop hits “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More” were like pulling into glamorous, exciting towns along his never-ending tour. They were life changing and sent him off with incredible memories and nifty souvenirs but were always just a part of the journey, not the destination. “I’ve been lucky enough to experience a pretty broad range of stardom, and the lack thereof, throughout my journey as a musician,” he once said with a chuckle. “I’ve been on television shows and won awards, but I’ve also lived in the back of a truck, and I’ve even worked the Drive-Thru at Krispy Kreme singing wedding songs.”

Surprising to him more than anyone else, those very songs have endured beyond all wildest expectations, turning into wedding anthems and misty-eyed soundtracks to countless wedding proposals. Over a million Dr. Phil viewers voted “I’ll Be” as the best wedding song ever written, the New York Times dubbed him the “great American romantic,” and at any given moment on this very day a radio station in America is playing one of his songs. “They’re kind of emotional road maps,” Edwin explains, “and each one, especially if you’re connected to it in some real way, can change and grow and lead you in new directions of thought.” “But the highlight of what I do is playing for and connecting with the people that come out to see me live. The fans - and I hate to call them fans - the friends of music that survive the advertising campaign long enough to understand what music is truly about, and have incorporated my music into their lives to the point where it is are part of their memories and emotions - those are the ones I do it all for."

This philosophy, this innate ability to write songs that somehow every listener claims as their own, is not just reserved for the love songs but also in the soul-drenched party songs that fans fill the clubs to hear.

Lindsey Yung

Lindsey Yung is in a class all her own. A truly remarkable singer/songwriter, she has a voice that will stop you in your tracks and lyrics that have a way of resonating with the very core of her listeners. She has been involved with music since childhood when she began vocal lessons at the ripe age of 4. She began writing music around the age of 12 and has since added piano, ukulele, and guitar to her list of instruments she plays, while stunning audiences with the power of her voice.

With 2 critically acclaimed self-produced original albums and a full-length Christmas album made with her group The Winters, Lindsey has established her lasting presence as her popularity continues to gain momentum and the respect it deserves. The last few years have yielded many recognitions and accomplishments for Lindsey. She was nominated for both a 2008 and 2009 Asian Heritage Award in the category of “performing arts.” Her album “Opal Essence” was included on the coveted KGRL FM list of “Best Albums of 2008.” Her song “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” made it to the finals of the 2009 Kauai Music Festival Songwriting Competition, and her song “With Every Breath” was handpicked to be on the “Songs for Haiti” compilation where she is featured alongside artists like Kate Earl (Universal Republic) and Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer). She has also shared the stage with/opened for Jon Foreman and Tyrone Wells.

Most recently, Lindsey released a music video for her song “Hold” which was featured in the famous blog: “Angry Asian Man,” and showcased on ChannelAPA.com. Lindsey has also been invited to perform and compete in the well-known movement Kollaboration, an honor she received after being selected out of many who auditioned for the chance to be involved.

She is currently working on her newest sonic creations to be released in 2011 all of which she is recording, engineering and producing herself with her newly acquired home studio.

Lindsey’s music continues to be a testament of her honest expression, pursuit of creative excellence, and courage to follow her passion.



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