Scion Label Showcase Presents: Earache

Conceived in 2006, this talented young band comprises of former members of several Chicago metal outfits, and together are rapidly becoming one of the standouts of the Chicago extreme metal scene. Describing themselves as one of the angriest bands on Earth, OCEANO channel this through their music, creating in the process some of the heaviest, most guttural and all-out brutal music to be found anywhere. Having already completed numerous successful tours playing with the likes of Hatebreed and Suffocation, OCEANO are constantly growing in popularity and with a record deal under their belts, are now ready to spread their path of destruction far and wide, and will be soon levelling a town near you."

Conceived in December of 2002 by front man/guitarist David DiSanto, Vektor quickly gained popularity amongst the Phoenix metal contingent for their unique mix of technical, speed thrash and progressive influences. Vektor created a wave of interest with their self released demo Demolition (2006) and their two track demo Hunger for Violence (2007). After four years of local and regional performances as the opening act for such national acts as Testament, Hirax, Iced Earth and Municipal Waste, Vektor hit the road for their first national tour alongside label mates Exmortus in support of Black Future in December 2009 through January 2010. They also toured the US in June–August 2010 on their own as well as a west coast tour in February of 2012. Their debut full length album, Black Future, was released on November 17, 2009 on NY's Heavy Artillery Records. The band released their most recent album, Outer Isolation, on November 22, 2011 on the Heavy Artillery label.

Bonded By Blood

At the turn of the 21st century, the Crong had fulfilled their undercover quest for global domination. The masses of the people had been deceived. The complete structure of the world's governments had been nothing more than a coldly calculated scheme for complete and total world domination, aimed solely at one purpose - human genetic encryption. They were the "men" behind the curtains, the ruling elite pulling the strings, and a desperate, dying race. For millennia, the Crong had been banished, deprived, and exiled to earth. No longer able to breed as a cybernetic species, they found that the key to their survival laid hidden deep within the human genetic code. In order to obtain this, they needed to divert the people's attentions elsewhere.
The world's population reduction program had begun. First, there was the calculated collapse of the world's economy. Then war, parasitic plague, and anarchy soon followed. Starvation and genocide spread like wildfires. The age of endless wars had begun. One by one, the world powers disappeared from the face of the planet. Entire nations and continents were wiped out by bombs. The systematic separation and segregation of humans soon followed. Specimens were gathered, placed, and imprisoned in designated sectors for genetic experiments. Most of the remaining humans, no longer able to resist, willingly accepted and welcomed the segregation as "salvation". The Crong had placed out the bait and we took it. An end to war, famine, and pain; a One World Government! Those who resisted faced imprisonment, persecution, and ultimately death as they were labeled enemies to humanity.
Now, here we are, approximately six-hundred years after the bomb, hidden safely in an underground vault. No one knows much about the future on the surface above, beyond what we have already stated, but we are soon to find out. We form part of a skilled tactical group of warriors whose mission is nearly, if not, impossible - to completely dismantle the Crong, overthrow their intergalactic regime over our planet and take back what's rightfully ours! In times of great adversity, the courage of few will prosper over those who conspire against them. Will you survive against those who are Exiled to Earth?

White Wizzard

White Wizzard was formed in Los Angeles in the summer of 2007, as Jon Leon's response to the "angsty" and "screamo" metal that dominated the heavy metal scene at the time:
"I saw so many old school metalheads at these summer festivals, but what else is out there? Who else can they look forward to seeing after they leave the show that can really give them the same thrill? They're all still here, but there's nothing in today's scene that moves them anymore - nothing that inspires them. I think we can change that."
In late 2007, White Wizzard recorded their self-titled EP, which would be released in mid-2008. They also filmed a music video for the EP's opening track "High Speed GTO", which won the award for Best Music Video in the 2008 Action On Film Festival. Although the band was doing relatively well, artistic tensions within the group led to Leon firing all members of the band, who went on to form a similarly styled band, Holy Grail.
During mid-2008, Leon was contacted by Earache Records and asked to put the song "High Speed GTO" on Earache's compilation album Heavy Metal Killers. Motivated by this opportunity, Leon doubled his search efforts and eventually formed the second line-up of White Wizzard.
The band toured North America with Korpiklaani, Týr, and Swashbuckle in January 2010. The North American tour was followed by a short UK tour with Edguy in March 2010, which began at Hammerfest II. White Wizzard had their live debut with their third line-up featuring Michael Gremio and Lewis Stephens at the famous Download Festival in June of that same year, opening the Ronnie James Dio stage on Sunday.
In March 2010, White Wizzard was nominated for Best New Artist in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2010.
On 5 October 2010, Earache Records released their new single, Shooting Star, on YouTube.



Scion A/V presents Earache Label Showcase @ The Glass House. A live recorded event featuring Oceano, Vektor, Bonded By Blood and White Wizzard.

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