Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces

Black Up is the new sonic move from Shabazz Palaces. Like rich velvet hijabs or gold threaded abayas. Luxury as understood by the modest. Shabazz Palaces. If Bedouins herded beats instead of goats and settled in Seattle instead of the Atlas Mountains, this would be their album. Forward thinkers but nostalgic for a sparer time when ancient astronomers only recognized five planets. Hip hop. Black light uses electromagnetic radiation to eradicate microorganisms, but shabazz didn’t come to kill a sound, just to shine their own incandescent lamp on this. Hear. Hard and clear. Fifty thousand years in the making. Honorable.—palaceer pink gators. Produced by Knife Knights.plcrs at Gunbeat Serenade Studio in Outplace Palacelands. It was recorded and mixed in Lixx-alog by Blood.

Ensemble Mik Nawooj

Great Integration: A Chamber Hip Hop Opera & two new singles (ft. The Attik & Rico Pabon)

Great Integration is performed by composer/pianist JooWan Kim's very own Ensemble Mik Nawooj. The 11- piece chamber orchestra consists of flute, cello, clarinet, violin, bass, and deep funk drums, along with four MCs and composer Kim on piano. They have generated both shock and praise from audiences and critics alike for its uncompromising blend of rap and classical.

Partially inspired by the Mayan calendar prophecies, Kim’s hip hop opera tells an allegorical saga of the conquering of the material lords and the birth of a new world paradigm. Featuring hip hop artists The Attik (IAmani IAmeni, Do D.A.T, and The SandMan) and Rico Pabon, Great Integration has been featured on MTV, The New Yorker, NPR, East Bay Express, Flavorpill & more.

Recording Artist, Hails from South Central, Resides in SF. Planning on world domination.



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