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Westword's annual celebration of local music, art and culture featuring over 90 artists and performers in four venues. Ticket includes entry to four venues, food samples, cash bar, live entertainment and non-stop event action from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. 8th annual MasterMind Awards honoring 5 local artists/organizations for their contribution to Denver's creative landscape.

Orange Peel Moses

George Peel makes his living serenading strangers (Custom Singing Telegrams), strapping on "height enhancers" (Paul Borrillo/Kevin Larson/Team Easy) and playing with words (303 Magazine/Kindness Cannabis). He is a freelance writer, stilt-walker, singing telegram messenger, promoter and citrus sculptor currently residing in the "Mile High Club" of Denver, CO.

Cora Vette

Reyna Von Vett (aka Cora Vette) performed for more than one million guests over three years as Tanya in Mamma Mia! at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She runs a burlesque company called BurlyCute Presents. She has written two burlesque musicals, the critically acclaimed Victorian Comic Burlesque Operetta, Leadville or BUST! and a Pot Opera called Reefer Mania: Denver's Gone To Pot. As Cora Vette, she is your naughty hostess with the mostest. She is clad mostly in sparkle vinyl clothing that she makes herself creating costumes that have the longevity of a car seat and are ready for thousands of rear-end hours that she can happily provide.

Cora Vette: Mouth of a sailor - Voice of an angel.

Other credits on Reyna's resume include: Martini's and Misbehavin': a Celebration of the American Songbook a show she wrote and performed in many of Las Vegas' most prestigious hotels. She performed the role of Kaye in The Taffetas at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and led the cast of Swing! at the Colorado Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. She performed in the lounge at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino during the National Finals Rodeo with her country band, "Reyna and Rock Bottom". She has performed for Opryland and Tokyo Disneyland.

Ginger Perry

DJ Ginger, who brought fun theme nights to Denver like chickens and waffles back in the day and who now spins on Sundays at Table 6 and Tooeys. Plus Lipgloss on First Fridays. She puts the good shit in your ear hole so just relax and get ready to be banged out.

"Hey, DJ! Westword Q&A with DJ Ginger":http://blogs.westword.com/backbeat/2009/12/hey_dj_qa_with_dj_ginger.php

Fierce Bad Rabbit

Fresh, energetic and intelligent, Fierce Bad Rabbit takes you on a journey so interesting that you don't want it to ever end. From the opening notes of "Everything Is Alright", the first track on their eponymous debut EP, through the infectious melody and lyrics of "YOU!" off of their 2012 EP, "Live and Learn," you know you're in for something new and captivating. Tightly woven tapestries of notes and well-crafted lyrics delivered with disciplined passion by frontman Chris Anderson, who also plays guitar and keyboards, combined with the powerful yet perfectly nuanced viola and supporting vocals of Alana Rolfe, the rock-solid rhythmic backbone of Dayton Hicks on bass and Max Barcelow on drums create a constantly changing yet consistently fulfilling musical experience for the listener.

The vocals themselves may occasionally make you think that you could be listening to a new project from Brandon Flowers of The Killers or Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem. The band clearly shares the influences of such indie favorites as Arcade Fire and The Shins, and there is a certain kinship with other leading-edge artists like The National, Iron & Wine and Band of Horses. But the music this Ft. Collins, Colorado-based quartet makes is all their own, and the more you hear it the more it comes across as a brilliant amalgamation of many musical styles and structures. Alternately joyful and somber, forceful and laid back, playful and contemplative, their songs challenge you to decide whether you should stand and listen intently or grab the person next to you and dance the night away.

Formed in 2009, the band released two solid recordings in scarcely more than a year: the self-titled debut EP and a full-length, 15-song sophomore effort, "Spools of Thread". After making an immediate impact on the increasingly sophisticated and crowded Colorado music scene, playing to packed houses at local hot spots in Ft. Collins, Denver and elsewhere and drawing large crowds at busy festivals like the Westword Music Showcase and UMS, the band is now touring extensively, including appearances at America's preeminent independent music gathering, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the storied Viper Room in Los Angeles, California, and many, many more.

Listen once and you'll be impressed. Listen again — and see them perform live — and you will be a fan. From that point on you'll want to see them again and again, and you'll join the growing ranks of people eager to see what happens next for this talented group called Fierce Bad Rabbit.

Chuck Roy

After building a successful Hollywood resume Chuck took up a residence at Denver's influential Comedy Works. He quickly picked up the best summer gig ever - Chuck returns to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to host the Denver Film Society's "Film On The Rocks".

The Crop Report - Chuck's afternoon radio comedy segment - has a top spot in the drive-time hours of the #1 rated Uncle Nasty Show.

An UnHoly Trinity of Comedy happens when Chuck teams up Hippieman, Matt Need and the UnHoly Trinity of Bands for a music & comedy show.

A recurring role as Guest Voice for Mile High Sci-Fi at the Starz Film Center. Comedians spoof movies to for cult classic film buffs

This summer Chuck rewrites this biography in 3rd person.

Collaborative Movement

Collaborative Movement is a group of artists expressing themselves through dance improvinazation and flow. Incorporating many props for fluid object manipulation, LED fun to captivate their audiences with their clever and playful spirit, and turning up the heat with the sensual sensation of fire dancing. This group with surely light up the stage.

Denver Craft Ninjas

Denver Craft Ninjas host monthly craft oriented meet-ups for ladies (and lady-friendly gents)! We're about building a community of like-minded women, staying true to the D.I.Y. spirit of play and experimentation, and sharing drinks and laughs while learning something new. Each month we learn a new skill, share treats and drinks, and make new friends. Join us for craftin', drinkin', laughin', and hell raisin'!

Once upon a time in the early 1990s, 13yr old Emily set out to make mix tapes for all her friends. She wished more than anything that there was a way she could mix the songs together and form one continuous song to share with everyone.

Little did she know her wish would one day come true.

Emily arrived into the electronic dance music scene in the early 90's. The first nu skool breakbeat record she ever heard captured her soul, and soon DJ MLe was born with a unique ear for the broken beat. After learning how to work the decks, she emerged quickly in the Denver club scene as one of Colorado's best in town. She obtained a weekly residency in the basement at Denver's Club Vinyl, and soon was given her own weekend Friday night headlining slot. During her time at Vinyl, she had the opportunity to open up for and play alongside the worlds very best Dj's and producers.

It was during this time that she won the title of Denver 's Best Dj in 2002-2003 from Clear Channels 93.3 KTCL radio station. In 2003 she obtained the title of Readers Choice Best Club DJ 2003 from Denver 's entertainment newspaper The Westword. MLe began a radio show on the award winning Breaks FM during 2005, and Stanton picked her up for an international sponsorship in 2006.

Wicked smooth mixing skills, proper track selection for every crowd, and an unmatchable energy has elevated Dj mLe into a class above the rest. Over the years, she has been consistently booked all over Colorado, headlining Denver hot spots such as the Church, Vinyl, and one of the countries top rated clubs: Beta Night Club. National touring began in 2006 and she has hit almost every major city since. LA's Viper Room picked her up for a residency in 2009, and in 2010 she continues to be featured at clubs and parties in NYC, AZ, KS, MO, FL, NV, and Costa Rica. MLE recently had a 5 page spread about her life in the Tattoo Magazine "Rebel Ink", which released an all female edition called Rebel Pink in June of 2010. With Kat Von D on the cover, this massively increased MLE's national exposure and has excelled her career and future bookings.

Production for MLE became solidified in 2009 with her signing onto Velcro City Records to release a series of her own high energy electro and breakbeat productions throughout the year, coupled with remixes by top notch producers such as Lazy Rich, Keith MacKenzie and Dj Fixx. In August of 2010 MLE produced a track called "Do the Deal" featuring her own vocals, and created, produced and directed a video for the release through You Tube, which created quite a frenzy, due to its graphic content, fun characters and solid footage. The video gathered all local performers, entertainers and extras, and was filmed at Denver's very own Beta nightclub. The release party for the video drew 1000 people at 10pm to help MLE celebrate the release.

Needless to say, each year MLE's success is solidified with talented mixing, amazing stage performances and creative productions that leave people talking for months.

~ MLe fully understands the healing power of music, and extends a prescription for beats to all those who will listen~

Dj Soup

Soup isn't just something you eat when your sick. No, he's a DJ! Utilizing only a laptop and a controller he will whip together a feast of indie-dance-rock-electro that will leave you beggin' for seconds. Recently awarded Westword's Best DJ Non-Traditional 2008

Hearts in Space

Hearts in Space is a Denver four piece comprising of Ezra Darnell on vocals, guitar and bass. Jordan Hubner on vocals and guitar, Johnny Lundock on drums and Ryan Slowkowski on bass and guitar. Sonically pleasing with touches of light hearted and lush vocal harmonies and soul. Psychadelia is no stranger in their landscape of southwestern born garage explorations.

kitty crimes

....Is the city I live in. The city of Denver. Lonely as I am, together we MEOW.

Lucia De Giovanni

Lucia De Giovanni is an award-winning photographer and internationally known photojournalist, as well as the Founder of MYPP, Mentor a Young Photographer Program and The LOVE Project. She is a member in good standing of CPA, the Colorado Press Association and NPPA, the National Press Photographers Association.

Men in Burka

"Men in Burka is the latest project of Kamran Khan "the
Ramadan-Dadaist from Denver" who is best known for his work with indie art electronic group Modern Witch. The fascinating mind of electronic aficionado, Strange Powers and popular contemporary visual artist & fellow Modern Witch member Mario Zoots complete the trio. The first time you hear Men In Burka, a sultry kundalini rises from within and dongs a knell at the crusty lids of your mind's eye. Occurring upon your spirit, addictive as black powder from Tangier. Men In Burka are the sultans of making an impression on your mind. It's unforgettable.
Your brain softly drum-smokes with subtle aromatic tealeaves and dried fruits over an unrecallable time span. Such stickiness is powerful arsenal in an online music world overflowing with content upon content. This is real intelligent danceable world music heralding from the USA. Bounce music waves lap explicitly upon Mesopotamia/Indus Valley soundscapes and god's soldiers who contemplate the decade's affrays. Samples of gunfire, riot, upheaval and unrest litter the
tracks intermittently and constantly.
- Theway Peoplestare (mishkanyc.com)"

Sven Jorgensen

Sven Jorgensen spent the past 22 years mastering skills that would make a Shaolin Monk proud, yet are only dangerous to himself. He has dedicated his life, and his considerable passion to learning the impossible… so you don't have to. He has toured Europe and the Americas extensively with the single-minded goal of discovering the true meaning of life. After all this, he simply wants to say, "Hell's never seen a snowball like me."

Slam Nuba

Slam Nuba is a competitive performance poetry event and team sponsored by the Pan African Arts Society and certified by Poetry Slam, Inc.- the organization that arranges an annual National Poetry Slam. The Pan African Arts Society is an award-winning arts and social change organization that has been serving the Denver community for over ten years. In addition to Slam Nuba, its projects also include Cafe Nuba, an award-winning open mic poetry set, and the Denver Pan African Film Festival.

Slam Nuba holds its poetry events at The Crossroads Theater, both located in The Historic Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

The National Poetry Slam is the largest team performance poetry event in the world. Teams from all over North America and a few from other countries converge in a different city every summer for five days of poetry, revelry and competition.

In 2007 the Denver Slam Nuba team placed fourth in the nation. In 2008 Slam Nuba won two separate regional bouts including the Southwest Shoot Out Poetry Slam in Dallas, Texas, and The Denver 40 ounce Poetry Slam. Slam Nuba competed at The National Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008 and made it to semifinals for the second year straight. In 2011 the Slam Nuba team won The Nation Poetry Slam Championship.

Tiny Riots

A collaboration between neighbors, and longtime friends, TINY RIOTS formed in July 2010 when lead singer Mike Lau's determination to form a band that could channel his frustrations led him to acquire the talents of neighbor Dan Stoffels (drums) and long time friend, Alex Bruder (guitars); Tiny Riots was born.

Kerri Mack performed harmony vocals and keyboards for Tiny Riots, co-writing and performing on their latest record: Platonic.

Wheelchair Sports Camp

"If there were ever a moment for a queer, disabled rapper with a love for pot, jokes, and revolution to be a star, the moment is now" - Village Voice

Wheelchair Sports Camp, the Denver based pseudo hip-hop band is Kalyn as MC/producer, Abi McGaha Miller as vocalist/saxophone, and brother Isaac as live rhythm. The band unknowingly started in the summer of 1997 when Kalyn moved back from Burbank, CA to her Denver hometown and was invited to attend and corrupt the 14th annual week-long Wheelchair Sports Camp. After meeting Abi and later brother Isaac in college, Kalyn combined talents to create a more live, jazzy, funky, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. The unconventional setup of live instruments and Kalyn's produced beats, presents a polished sound unique to the hip hop game with old-school lyrics that maintain a sarcastic yet independent and heavy consciousness. After playing for a few years around the Denver metro area, the group has been fortunate enough to share the stage with headliners and mentors like Salt-n-Pepa, Raekwon, Rahzel, Sage Francis and plenty more. The band has played outside home in places including New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New Mexico and continues to expand their fanbase in further markets.

Wheelchair Sports Camp persists to stay passionate about many causes, playing shows to raise money and awareness to support Occupy Wall Street (most especially Occupy Denver), prevent domestic violence, support LGBT youth and gay rights, support Haiti relief efforts, advocate an end to war, aid the homeless, promote global equality, and any other fight they can foster. Taking a nod from one of their favorite artists Radiohead, Wheelchair Sports Camp always has free or pay what you can CDs available at shows for fans. "If you can't afford music or food, steal it!" has been their motto since inception. Their goal is to spread their music like wildfire, and they encourage their fans to share and borrow creativity with hopes to conserve a free culture. To them, it's the only way to keep their music headed in the right direction without allowing money and greed to interfere with the creative process.



Saturday, February 23, 2013 Denver Westword proudly presents the 18th annual Artopia event on Saturday, February 23 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. at multiple venues in SoCo. This event showcases an eclectic array of Denver art, culture, food, music and film. Join us as we celebrate some of Denver’s best artists, musicians, performers, and culinary creatives. Guests will enjoy entry into four venues, food samples and a cash bar along with music, art and performances. The non-stop action begins at 7 p.m. at Vinyl, Bar Standard, and The Living Room then the party moves to City Hall and Salty Dog at 9pm until 2 a.m. And don't miss the 8th annual MasterMind Awards at Artopia, where we'll honor five local artists/organizations for their contribution to Denver's creative landscape.

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