Zoo Station - The Complete U2 Experience

The band's primary job is replication, but periodically Zoo Station innovates as much as it imitates. During their trademark full-album spotlight sets in which the band plays an entire U2 album from start to finish Zoo Station encounters such obscurities as "Elvis Presley and America," "Promenade," "Red Hill Mining Town" and "Acrobat," songs rarely or never performed live by U2.

Bang On

Bang On is a Bay Area cover band, specializing in 90s Britpop (Oasis/Radiohead/Blur), 80s Indie and Postpunk (The Cure/Smiths/Stone Roses), some 70s Glam (Bowie/T-Rex), and hits from newer post-Britpop bands such as Franz Ferdinand. If we feel like it, we'll play any sort of Indie, 70s artrock, proto-punk or 60s pop. If it influenced those classic 90s Britpop bands, we might play it.


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