Being a hip-hop star is one thing. Staying one? That’s something else. Twista is a hip hop star but perhaps most off all he’s proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with, no matter what the trend or region of the week. For more than a decade, over the course of a half dozen top ten, platinum-selling cds and singles albums, Twista has stood his ground and answered to no one but his fans and his instincts. It’s this that propels Twista beyond being just a star, but a true career artist.

For over a decade, beloved rapper, Twista, has been captivating millions with his natural talent, kinetic flow, crisp rhymes, and magnetic charisma. Always relevant, the Chicago-native remains at the top of the game, despite an ever-evolving industry and a new wave of artists emerging daily. With the recent success of his sixth studio album, Category F5, the hip-hop veteran offers more classic Twista swagger with his forthcoming release The Perfect Storm (GMG-EMI).

Embracing the signature style that brought the spit-fire lyrical legend to the forefront of the music industry, The Perfect Storm flawlessly boasts sounds that exemplify the versatility of hip-hop music. With gritty, polished, and lustrous tracks, in addition to blazing collaborations with R&B and hip-hop heavyweights The Legendary Traxster, Raekwon, Yo Gotti, Ray J, Lloyd, and Chris Brown, the rap connoisseur and music maverick wreaks tongue-twisting havoc on hip-hop aficionados.

"If I wanna say anything it's that I have been consistently making albums and I can still make bangers because this is what I love, making music," expressed Twista. "I want people to look at my career as a whole. To see that the longevity is something that goes beyond hip-hop. I want to be looked at as the blueprint for an artist that can put it down for twenty, thirty years."

The Perfect Storm gives the world a glimpse of Chicago's West Side through infectious beats and sexy slow jams. The album's first single, "Make a Movie," produced by The Legendary Traxster and featuring R&B sensation Chris Brown, is raw and seductive preview of the celebrated rapper's newest groundbreaking album. R&B crooner, Lloyd, adds sultry vocals to "Bad Girl," a shout-out to the type of girl you don't want to bring home to momma. From the street vibe and pulsating beats of "Cocaine," produced by Street Runners with a feature from Yo Gotti, to "The Heat," produced by The Legendary Traxster and No ID, The Perfect Storm speaks to Twista's unrivaled melodic syncopations which add depth and complexity to his already unique style.

Rappin 4Tay

Perhaps the best known rapper to come out of San Francisco's vibrant hip hop scene, Rappin 4Tay has a career that spans over 15 years and 7 albums, and with a new release slated for the summer of 2004. He has worked collaboratively with a number of other artists both well known and on the grassroots level, including 2Pac, Too $hort, Snoop Doggy Dog, and E-40 to name a few. Born in San Francisco, California on March 2,1968, Anthony Forte and was raised in San Francisco's Fillmore District. He has a twin sister, Toni. The Fillmore was already well known before 4Tay made a name for himself.,and the Fillmore he grew up in exposed him to many facets of community life. Although the Fillmore contains poverty, gang problems and housing projects, it is also home to black businesses, political and community leaders, and a historically important arts and cultural district. As a young man, 4Tay attended an arts high school, MacAtyre. Because he was in a music program at an arts high school, he learned how to read and write music and play half a dozen instruments, and recieved his musical education there. Fellow Bay Area rapper Hugh EMC - who was a freshman at MacAtyre when 4Tay was a senior - said he remembered seeing the ambitious young man bringing his basoon to school in a little kid's toy wagon tied to the back of his bicycle. He said the younger students admired 4Tay, and he was an accomplished musician and talented writer at an early age. Although several Fillmore area rappers strived for success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and many of them worked together, none of them ever became as famous and successful as 4Tay. Over the past 15 years Rappin 4Tay has worked with and collaborated with numerous other artists; notably, as a performer and a songwriter with Tupac Shakur in 1996 on the song "Only God Can Judge Me" (from the 2Pac Album "All Eyez On Me"), Bootsey Collins (Bulletproof Soundtrack), Berry Gordy (Dangerous Minds Soundtrack), JT The Bigga Figga (1996 - "Game On The Shelf"), Too $hort (1996 - "Never Talk Down", "She's A Sellout"), Snoop Doggy Dog (2000 - "Dogghouse"), and other artists too numerous to mention.

Peach Street

Peach Street is a Bay Area Hip Hop crew currently based out of San Rafael CA. Crew members consist of brothers/MC's from Cincinnati, Ohio Nathan Coast & Esque Coast, as well as San Rafael, CA Native MC's: Wordplay, Catalyst Bars, B.A.D. Poetry, and producers Billion Coast & Getm Jaf. Peach Street's name originated from the name of the street where they all lived together as roommates in Novato CA. Because they all lived together, created, rehearsed, and recorded all their music at home, Peach Street has become well known for their family like chemistry, which makes for a fresh energetic show. Their powerful, upbeat songs portray a variety of unique styles. Peach Street captures Hip-Hop's new school's vibe by combining ill lyricism with musical composition which is easily received and relatable. Peach Street not only creates dope music, but is in the process of launching a fresh new clothing Line called "Peach Street Live." Their singles "My City" & "Lit" are quickly spreading on youtube, and their popularity is growing rapidly everyday.

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