Phinehas was formed with a simple purpose: to be a band of Christians that brings the hope of Jesus to the hopeless and rejected. Though the line-up has changed over the years, the root of the band has only grown. From their first 10-day tour in 2010 to their 121 shows in 2012, Phinehas has been sharing their story and building relationships across the US. They want the people they meet on the road to walk away feeling loved for who they are no matter where they may be in life.
Musically, when Phinehas' debut full-length "thegodmachine" was released in 2011, they caught the ears of critics and metalheads across the globe. From the shreddy riffs and the sassy solos to the versatile vocals and the pounding drums, "thegodmachine" brought a freshness to a scene that was suffering from the over-saturation the digital age has wrought. The mustaches they donned in one of their promotional photos even inspired a fan to coin Phinehas' music as "mustache metal". They released three music videos from their debut that have accumulated over 1.2 million views combined. Their January 2013 EP "The Bridge Between", featuring both full-band songs and stripped-down acoustic arrangements, showcased the diversity of their musical interests and abilities. Since becoming a full-time national act in the summer of 2011, Phinehas has been touring extensively around the country in support of these two releases with bands such as WRITE THIS DOWN, TO SPEAK OF WOLVES, FAMOUS LAST WORDS, RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA, SPOKEN, THE PARAMEDIC, DESIGN THE SKYLINE, CHALLENGER, IT LIES WITHIN, A PAST UNKNOWN, and more.
Now, 2 years following their debut on Red Cord Records, Phinehas is ready to push themselves even further with their sophomore effort "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak". Under the pressure of having to follow up their critically-acclaimed debut, Phinehas delivered in a big way. Their new album ups the ante of metal in every aspect. It's faster, it's heavier, its production value is top-notch, and it will be stuck in your head from the first listen. With this new record and their relentlessly energetic live performances, Phinehas is ready to carve their niche in the music industry for good.

Your Hero Is A Villain

YHIAV’s music is a mixture of melodic riffs/leads, aggressive breakdowns, powerful lyrics, catchy choruses, and 100% raw talent and they can adapt to any Music scene.

Rising from a dying scene is Your Hero is a Villain, a 5 piece Melodic Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore band from Kerman, CA. Formed in June of 2008 by Steffen Clark & Zachary Montoya under the name “Another Shade of Black” or “ASOB” there drive for music has never stopped growing and Mid-September 2009 they officially changed their name to “Your Hero is a Villain”. In November 2009 Vocalist Zachary Montoya passed away from heart failure striking a huge blow to the band. The band recorded the single “Not Another Hometown Hero” as a dedication for his work. With more motivation, Steffen Clark continued to pursue a dream of a fallen friend: reaching out to fans with our lyrics, playing everywhere throughout CA, Arizona and New Mexico. Thanksgiving 2010 they released their first self-titled EP (Frankie V of Scenix Science Studios), and March 25th 2011 the released ‘Impulse & Tendencies’ EP (Kevin Avila of Lighthouse Recording Studios).

The Vera Project

We're a 4 piece rock/metal/experimental band looking to tour and get to know you!



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