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Totally in-the-red froth from these NYC scumtrons. Like weirdo standouts from OZ the Sick Things, this is a complete baaad-ass hate fest with sub-dermal bass, paper thin razor guitar and Axis of Evil drumfuckery.


Gnaw is the sawblade-wrapped-in-razorwire brainchild of Alan Dubin (Khanate, OLD), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (Ike Yard), and Jamie Sykes (Thorr’s Hammer, Burning Witch). Their 2009 debut for Conspiracy Records “This Face” was further infected and finally delivered by engineer Brian Beatrice before being wrought for stage deployment with additional drummer Eric Neuser. “This Face” has been described as a “genre destroying journey” and utilizes pounding percussion, factory noise, chordal slabs of guitar and bass, as well as homemade electro-acoustic contraptions. Dubin’s unique and legendary shriek delivers vivid portrayals of all things bad.

Heldin hail from the forgotten streets of Brooklyn's waterfront in Red Hook. A 3 piece turned 4 piece fronted by a diminutive pirate queen, whose howling whiskey soaked vocals wrap themselves around a distorted crushing blend of slow melodic blues and pulverizing swampy metal riffs have been destroying audiences in New York for over a year and are soon to release their debut album Profungalactic.

Recorded at Seizures Palace (Swans, Khanate, Dresden Dolls) in Brooklyn by Jason LaFarge, features Aubrey Smith on vocals whose versatile voice has accompanied acts as varied as Broken Social Scene, The Batterie and Percy Jones & MJ-12 with Phil Kester on drums, from Gongzilla, Elliptical Ferns, Drumplay and The Batterie and Frank McDermott on guitars from We Are All Savages and Jason LaFarge on bass from Hallux and Pineal Ventana.

As a live act they have impressed audiences with their loud and intense swirling maelstrom of crushing bass driven blues metal and disturbed lyrical forays accompanied by Smith's personal attack on an aging and helpless Wurlitzer. Her startling voice ranges from the lost cries of Billie Holiday to the menacing roars of a demonic grizzly tied to the mast of a sinking ship. The riffs and melodies have influences that draw from Harvey Milk, Melvins and Dickless, but re-work them into an original soul destroying blend of bliss, lust, revenge and carnage.

Martin Bisi

Martin Bisi, has been at a crossroads of indie/punk, avant garde, noire/cabaret rock, and electronic music since the early 80's - not only with his own songs and musical creations, but also as producer/engineer on classic albums by Sonic Youth, Herbie Hancock's Rockit, Swans, Africa Bambaata, The Dresden Dolls, Material/Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Boredoms, Helmet, White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus and others. Early this year he released a solo album Sirens Of The Apocalypse - and more recently an EP, Son Of A Gun, which features special guests Bill Laswell and members of The Dresden Dolls, The Fiery Furnaces, Balkan Beat Box, and World Inferno Friendship Society.

Pants Exploder

PANTS EXPLODER is: Robin Fowler, Jason LaFarge and Grady Walker



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