"Solwave pride themselves on their inability to be categorized, and while this claim has plenty of truth, it’s primarily due to the band’s willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres rather than their making music that’s actually uncategorizable. On their EP, Out Of The Mayhem, the San Francisco quartet maps out a defined space within the pop music spectrum and proceeds to explore every nook and cranny of it. 'Fire It Up' and 'Voodoo At High Noon' are sweaty arena rock, with titanic drums and omnipresent Hot Fuss synth buzz; “Ride” is a dance-rock rave-up; “Shuffler” is heart-on-sleeve power pop...'Voodoo At High Noon,' sounds like the ‘70s and the ‘00s put in a blender with the lid off." --SF Rebirth Blog

The Trophy Fire

The Trophy Fire, a Bay Area three-piece, play heartfelt, hook-driven and powerful indie rock. Their lush string and keyboard pads, big guitars and sultry harmonies conjure a span of comparisons from Jimmy Eat World to Tears for Fears. After the release of their first record "A Lifetime in the Middle of the Ocean," and tours with influences and mentors Far and Dredg, they put out a new EP "Armor."

Via Coma is an American rock band from Lafayette, CA. Formed in 2009, the band currently consists of vocalist/bassist/lyricist Rob Marshall, vocalist/pianist Jesse Kyle, and vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gracia. The band created a logo to visually represent the name "Via Coma", which means "through endless sleep." It is frequently seen in both their marketing and merchandising, accompanying, or sometimes completely absent of the band's name.



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