The New Music Series

The New Music Series

This event was created to continue to pull together the scene here in Philadelphia. A scene that we all are proud to be a part of, dedicated to, and create within. Promoting the whole show, supporting all the bands/musicians, networking, and learning more about the people around you who share the same passion for music is what this night is all about. We appreciate each act sharing their music with us and putting their own stamp on the North Star's New Music Series.

Sunshine Acid Tabs

A self-taught guitarist from Philadelphia playing vintage rock with influences such as Trivium, Synyster Gates, Prince, Queen, Earth Wind and Fire, Elvis, Pantera, and The Rolling Stones.

Terrible Friends

Beginning in Mullica Hill, NJ, Vin Dammann and Dan Tumolo crafted the first batch of the bands tunes on the intermingling of their musical influences. The duo quickly became a four piece by spring 2012 adding the guitar work of Rich Ealer and the bass playing of Morgan Bartz. The music has since become an entirely different animal. Terrible Friends has been playing shows in the Philadelphia area over the past year developing a solid fan base and now on the heels of their EP entitled "Leaving RIP City," they're showing crowds everywhere their style of music that is passionate, raw and unrelenting.

Pete Groch

Pete's passion for music seemed to strengthen during the year that he spent working with the mentally ill homeless in San Diego, CA. He would would routinely play guitar and surf as a hobby and to take the edge off of life's everyday stresses. He would jam to different cover songs as well as create his own rhythms and rhymes. After returning to Philly in September of 2004, Pete recorded his first set of songs which was called "Reflections". Soon enough, he began to play cover songs at bars and eventually did gigs with other well rounded musicians. In January of 2007, he left Philadelphia for the Hawaiian Islands. Close to year later, he returned to Philly due to a broken foot from playing in a game of soccer. Pete claims that his time in the islands was, without a doubt, worth the while and sparked new inspiration for playing music. Soon after his return, he finished his second set of songs, "No-Frills", and continued to play covers and original tunes at some local bars. In January of 2010 he moved to Ocean Isle Beach, NC to work in restaurants and play music. One year later, he returned to Philadelphia with a few new songs and a greater understanding of song writing. Pete currently plays in different parts of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs and plans to once again set foot in the studio.

$7.00 - $9.00


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