Dylan Moon, Alice Cohen, Miserable Chillers

American singer-songwriter. Dylan Moon studied electronic production and sound design at music school and is currently based in Los Angeles.

Alice Cohen is a musician and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Musically active for decades, Cohen began playing her songs in Philadelphia coffee houses as a teenager, then went on to sing and play in bands in the late 70s, honing her skills in disco cover bands. In 1979 she had her first release with Philly funk band Fun City, “Save the Best for Last” (Chrysalis Records), and in 1982 wrote the dance floor song “Deetour” for Atlantic Records’ disco singer Karen Young. In the 80’s she was in the synth-pop band The Vels (Polygram Records), and in the 90’s she sang and played bass with grunge band Die Monster Die (Roadrunnner Records). In more recent years she has released 6 solo LPs. With her most recent, “Artificial Fairytales” (NNA Tapes), she is joined by members of her live band, Adrian Knight and David Lackner aka “The Channel 14 Weather Team”. Cohen plays solo shows as well as full band shows - the live band has grown to include Zach Phillips on bass, Max Zuckerman on guitar, and Ryan Power on drums.

Miserable Chillers is an outlet for Miguel Gallego’s experiments with art pop, ambient, and other musics. The songs are about mystical experience, wanting to be good, and our uneasy relations with the other critters with whom we’re living.



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