Maldita Vecindad - 30 años de paz y baile

Maldita Vecindad

MALDITA VECINDAD Y LOS HIJOS DEL 5º PATIO was born in 1985 mixing rock and traditional Mexican music with the energy of ska. In 1988 they recorded their first album, the album’s titleis the same as the band’s name. Thanks to this record, they made their first tour in the United States. In
1991 they released their second album, “El Circo”, breaking the commercial barriers at that time, reaching
a record number of more than 1,000,000 records sold only in Mexico. In 1993 they started their famous
“Pata de Perro tour” becoming the first Mexican group to play in international rock forums and festivals next to INXS, Leonard Cohen, Radio Head, Janes Addiction, Sonic Youth, Madnes, Faith No More among others. They played in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Ireland and the recorded on this tour, their first live album “Gira Pata de Perro”. They return to Mexico from this great European tour, and they end it with 3 consecutive
sold out nights at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. 1995 They release their fourth album “Baile de Máscaras”, starting an extensive tour, playing in countries like Spain, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, and playing s in the most important forums of the United States in cities like LA, NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Miami. 1998 The recorded “Mostros” an album considered a classic of contemporary music in Mexico. In this year they
participate in different projects such as “Ya lo pasado”a tribute to José José and a tribute to Los Tigres del Norte, both projects achieved high sales of records throughout Mexico. 2002 they were included with the song “Con solo tocarte” in the soundtrack of the Mexican film “Asesino en serio”. 2004 they released a Best of compilation album “El tiempo vive en la memoria” after 15 years of a successful career. 2006 the band produced and recorded the album tribute to the Mexican comedian Tin-Tan, titled “Viva Tin-Tan”, they played a version to the theme “Los aguachados”, the promotional single of this record, reaching the top sales lists of all Mexico, having a
great promotion in Radio and TV. The international projection of Maldita Vecindad has allowed the band to continue with international and national tours, in addition with constant concerts in the underground and alternative movements of Mexico and the rest of the world. Maldita Vecindad is linked to various cultural projects of the different independent
social scenes of each city they visit. They have played in the main forums of Mexico like the Zócalo in front of more than 90,000 people, Auditorio Nacional, Foro Sol,
Palacio de los deportes, Teatro Metropolitan during the recent years. They have also participated in many
Cultural Festivals and local fairs of the cities through all Mexico. 2008 Maldita Vecindad was the headline
of the Vive Latino Festival, the festival broadcasted this show to more than 60 countries, showing this festival is one of the most important events every year in Mexico. 2009 After 10 years of playing around the world, Maldita Vecindad edited their 6th album. They recorded in a studio in San Francisco CA and Mexico. A coproduction with Grez Landau, the album’s name is” Circular Colectivo” This production is
the beginning of an independent career in the discographic field, giving birth to the label “Ritmos del 5to
patio”. In this same year, Maldita Vecindad stands out in new communication channels such as the Internet,
being one of the most visited artists in Myspace and Youtube. Principal artist of the championship Telcel
Rock tour, reaching a large part of Mexico. 2010 their single “Pura Diversion” got a great promotion throughout Mexico and USA, the first song from their last album that is published in Mexico and USA. Headline artist of the Corona Music Fest tour, through all the most important cities of Mexico. 2015 they started an anniversary tour for their 30 years of a great career, the tour’s name was “Paz y Baile” 2016 they
played 3 sold out gigs for their, 25 years anniversary, album “El Circo”. The concerts were in “Carpa
Astros” the same circus they made the presentation of the record 25 years before. In 2018 they ended a
successful anniversary tour for the 30 years of the b
and that lasted 3 years throughout Mexico and the
United States. The last concert was in the Zócalo in front of more than 180 thousand people. In 2019 the
band continues playing and is preparing the release of the DVD of the 25th anniversary gigs of the album
“El Circo”. In October, the band will begin their tour in the US celebrating their 30 years of career in California and will continue through 2020 along with dates in South America

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