Full Moon Show featuring Kira Metcalf, Kelly Quigley, Pearl Sugar, Sarah Jordan

The poetic technique of Brooklynite Kira Metcalf plays with the styles of jazz vocalists, classical orchestra, and 90s grunge to create vivid emotional narratives. Born to a classical cellist mother and folk guitarist father, Metcalf began communicating with the world through music. After losing her mother to breast cancer in 2008, Metcalf felt motivated to create art that gives proper stock to emotional expression. In 2018, she released her sophomore EP Indelicate, where she chronicles a lucid portrait of depression, heartache and the process of moving through self-doubt. In 2019, Metcalf also released her first music video for her dreamy single “Lily” through Underhill productions. Most recently, Metcalf latest single “Cheap Kind,” narrates the familiar feeling of shame that arises when one inexorably loses everything. It is now available on all streaming platforms alongside her other music. In the next phase of her career, Metcalf is excited to continue writing and collaborating with other artists to push emotional and musical boundaries and reshape what we imagine musical language to be.

Kelly Quigley

Kelly Quigley’s songwriting strikes a balance between complexity and accessible melodic hooks, resulting in music that is both emotionally provoking and mentally stimulating. Her use of alternate tunings give the songs a harmonic richness, accompanied by a driving rhythmic force, and simple lyrics to hold on to. In her latest album, Have You Read My Poems, Kelly experiments a lot with her songwriting by delving into soundscapes, collages, and unusual musical environments.

Pearl Sugar is the synth-pop project of Hartford, Connecticut musician Chris Bugnacki. Bugnacki has spent the last decade of his life developing his craft and performing with other artists, and now since 2016 has been hard at work writing, recording and performing as Pearl Sugar.

In his writing, Bugnacki delves deep into childhood memories and dreams to present lyrics that blur the distinction between dreamworld and reality. The stories in these songs are nothing short of cinematic, and the heavy use of synths and drum machines serve as the perfect score for his revelations.

The textures and instrumentation Bugnacki employs will undoubtedly bring 80s dance and house music to mind as well as the driving, melodic bounce of artist like Porches and Blood Orange, yet these comparisons fail to scratch the surface of his unique arrangements and earnest lyricism.

Sarah Jordan

New York City-based singer-songwriter Sarah Jordan is the little fish that keeps swimming towards bigger seas. Born and bred in Gibsonville, North Carolina, Sarah Bernstein, who performs under the moniker Sarah Jordan, had plenty of time to daydream. Bernstein began studying piano at a young age, but it wasn’t until her late teens that she realized that she wanted to pursue music.

Before moving to New York City, Bernstein spent five years in Nashville studying music at Belmont University, playing keys in various projects including rock group Laurel & the Love-In, and writing the songs that would come to comprise her first full-length album, Dressed in the Dark.

Released February 2019, Dressed in the Dark harkens the low-lit charm of classic jazz crooners, the soul and pop sensibilities of Carole King, the groove of Moonchild, and the lyricism of Theo Katzman. The record, a memoir of twenty-something, is an evocative journey through states of mind, relationships, and self-worth.

With her striking honesty and musical prowess, Sarah Jordan meets listeners where they are and beckons them in for a cup of tea.

Following her national summer 2019 tour, Sarah Jordan is writing and planning more tours. Look for more releases and shows in 2019 from this budding songstress.



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