Afternoon Men, Wild Manes, Sean Carroll, The Good Few

Afternoon Men

Afternoon Men is a five-piece, New York-based rock/roll band, made up of Nick Fowler on vocals and rhythm guitar, James Cimina on drums, Hamed Traore on bass, Gray Stangler on keys, Sam Rosenfeld on Sax, and Jerry McLellan on lead guitar.

They are a company of giddy-heads, afternoon men. It is midsummer moon still, and the dog days last all year long. They are all mad … but no one is wise at all hours―no one born without faults―no one free from crime―no one content with his lot―no one in love wise―no good, or wise man perfectly happy.

―Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is: With all the Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostickes, and Several Cures of it

Wild Manes is a 6-piece band from Brooklyn featuring the voices of Lindsey Nadolski, Heather Knowles and Jocelyn Conn, along with CJ Knowles on guitar, Steve Burton on bass and Terry Campbell on drums. Mixing elements of indie rock, folk and '60s girl-group pop, the band leans heavily on 3-part harmonies and crunchy guitars. Walking the line between danceable energy and dynamic introspection, they are best experienced live.

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll has at moments been a bread baker, a whiskey seller and a dog walker, but he has always been a musician. Drawing from influences like Gary Clark Jr. and D'Angelo and bolstered by his schooling at the esteemed Clive Davis Institute, Sean frequently packs some of New York City's best rock clubs. At his shows and in "Chamomile," his debut single, it's hard to deny that Sean was born to sing and to be on stage. Central to the music is Carroll's singular voice that draws on the soft control of some of soul's best vocalists while evoking the growl of the blues in equal parts. It's a voice that begs to be heard, the kind of voice that's hard to forget.

The Good Few

The Good Few, Manhattan, New York, Kevin Crowell (Lead Vocals/Guitar). Chloe Arnow (Drums).

The Good Few is an indie/alternative rock band with a high-energy feel. Kevin and Chloe have been playing together and developing their skills since their high school years. The band dynamic, rooted in long-time friendship, produces a sound that allows listeners to feel the connection and see the genuine and fun loving nature of the band’s spirit. The band combines influences from Catfish and the Bottleman, Young the Giant, Hippo Campus, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers into a fresh take on indie/alternative sounds. On stage and in the studio, we are accompanied by Bernardo Ochoa on guitar/vox and Dan Hemerlein on bass/vox.

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