B. Miles

With her debut project as Blush FM, the New York-based artist Andromeda Hewson reveals a spontaneous and joyous quality that is thrust out past a veil of darker and more suggestive sensibilities. Conceptually Blush FM experiments with melodies, song structures, rhythms, and sound. Nurturing a space without borders, they allow themselves the freedom to create music that is not confined by a genre.

The East Coast is familiar territory for the New Jersey-born Hewson who spent a large portion of her childhood growing up on an island in Florida. After relocating to the city and borrowing a Casio keyboard from a friend, Andromeda began to develop her emotive, earnest sound. Not too long afterwards, she began collaborating with producer Matias Quarleri and got inspired to explore all that Blush FM could be. Quarleri, who originally hails from Verona, Italy, moved around the world with his family in a tango show before settling down in the United States at the age of 4. He was raised in a household filled with music, waking up every morning to the sounds of his father playing the cello.

Blush FM’s first musical offering, the soon to be released “Project A” EP, is an account of internal conflicts experienced when in the face of adversity. Songs were developed in Quarleri’s basement and bedroom over the course of two hot summers. The EP grapples with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being resilient, and draws inspiration from feelings of being stuck in time, surges of elation during personal growth, and the insecurities we feel when venturing into unknown spaces.

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