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Powerful Beyond Measure

PPowerful Beyond Measure (PBM) educates and empowers underrepresented girls from the Bay Area to become leaders in their communities.

With your support, we can create a world where every young woman is equipped to convert her desire for social change into action.

DJ Red Corvette

Red Corvette, born Carmena Victoria, is a DJ, Event Planner, and Visionary from the Bay Area. As an intern for 106 KMEL, she always wanted a career in music just hadn’t fell into her niche until she bought her first controller Jan 2012. With just a few years in, Red is currently Rayana Jay's official tour DJ, event curator, and co-founder/director of operations + experiences for Women In Music + Media Festival to promote womxn inclusion throughout the music industry. Red’s miscellaneous musical taste, incredible fashion steez, and energy is highly favored by her creative friends and fans.

$25 (plus fees)


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