A Celebration of Life for Peter Maturi

Clenched Fist

Paul Doherty - guitar
Josh Sowell - bass
ERIC - bass
Austin Morlan - drums
MEMPHIS - drums


Transcendental audio/visual rock duo Darsombra have packed and prepared their space shuttle for launch, readying themselves for journey to inner space. Brian Daniloski (a veteran of metal bands Meatjack and Trephine), pilots, navigates, and controls the sound of Darsombra, alternating between searing guitar riffs, leads, loops, mammoth vocal swells, and soundscapes. He takes one part metal, one part psychedelic rock, one part experimental, and dashes of prog, glam, and krautrock, to soundtrack the voyage. Filmmaker Ann Everton stewards us along the way by projecting her kinetic, psychotropic videos specifically composed to Daniloski's music, engulfing the audience within the trip.

Sludge/hardcore band from Baltimore, USA.

Acacia, Bloodlet, Converge, Coalesce, Playing Enemy, Today Is The Day, Neurosis, Majority Rule, Pageninetynine, Floor, Torche, Meatjack, Isis, Mastodon, Kiss It Goodbye, Cult Of Luna, Breach, Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Mare, Breather Resist, Fall Silent



A Celebration of Life for Peter Maturi

Friends, please join us as we celebrate the life of Pete Maturi at The Ottobar on Sunday October 6th.

Pete was very loved. Be it, his friendship, his music, his sense of humor, his smile, whatever it was, Pete touched our lives.
We’re going to celebrate Pete, we’re going to tell stories, we’re going to laugh, we’re going to eat delicious vegan food, and per Pete’s request, we’re gonna watch The Big Lebowski.

After the movie, a great number of Pete’s friend’s bands will be performing:

Clenched Fist (Sepultura Tribute)
Musket Hawk
Passage Between

Pete wanted a party. We’re going to give him a party that he would be proud of.

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