CO-OP featuring Mikey the Kid w/ PJ Kool, Dakini Rapture and more!

Bad Neighbors

Formed in 2019 under Longevity Productions, Bad Neighbors is the fusion of Genetic Concepts (Nick Sanville & Eye-Cue) with other Fort Collins heavy hitters Phonosapien and R.K. Graves. Together they provide a high energy, highly entertaining live show, and an innovative combination of styles to recorded music.

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Genetic Concepts (Nick Sanville & Eye-Cue)


R.K. Graves

$5.00 - $10.00

Off Sale


CO-OP is back this month at Hodi's Half Note featuring Mikey the Kid with support form PJ Kool, Dakini Rapture, and more TBA
Co-Op is a monthly Hip-Hop event at Hodi’s Half Note hosted by Bad Neighbors. The event is meant to build the Hip-Hop community in Northern Colorado. Each month will have one headlining act and three supporting acts. In addition, there will also be an open mic at the end of the night where the best performance gets a slot on next months lineup! Open mic sign ups are limited to 15 people, with one song each, and will take place at the event between 8pm and 10:30pm. If you have any questions about the open mic or event itself, contact Bad Neighbors via email ( or any social media platform!

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