TEN BULLS (album release show)

TEN BULLS (fka Sights & Sages)

Ten Bulls is a dichotomy. Comprised of Christian Clark (Vocals/Guitar), Jay Sanchioli (Bass), Chaz Lamden (Drums), Ida Naughton (Synth/Vocals), and Sebastian Rizo (Synth) the group boasts a sound that is both unique and accessible; walking the line between past and future - yet sounding like the very next step. Period pieces written precisely for this very moment. Fuzzy, distorted bass and hypnotic rhythms meet retro synth textures, shimmering guitar, saxophone, and catchy vocals with progressive sensibilities. Ten Bulls manages to mesh polyrhythmic beats and alternative time signatures with jazzy, progressive song structures and pop melodies in a way that doesn't feel jarring or contrived. New Wave, Alternative, Psychadelic, Indie, and Industrial influences shine through: it's a sound that's hard to pin down, but feels complete. It feels like another step.

Drug Hunt, a bizarre quintet of natural seditionists, bastardizes Psychedelia with the orphaned idealism of American Post-Punk and early British Hard Rock. While recording Drug Hunt (Self Titled), the band captured an array of musical hallucinations in a genre bending fashion that produced a sound entirely their own. As a result Drug Hunt (Self Titled) is a searing four song EP that burns like napalm in the echoes of a sixties resurgence. Imagine a Doors album produced by Steve Albini, written by Nick Cave, and fronted by The Stooges at a biker bar
With two new releases slated for 2019 (Drug Hunt (Self Titled) EP in July, and a follow-up full length in October), Drug Hunt is quickly earning a fierce reputation for their prolific output and incendiary live performances, being named one of NBC’s “Top 9 Bands to See Live in San Diego.”

In Southern California, a new wave of Rock & Roll artists are changing the very definition of the California sound. At the helm of the pack is Drug Hunt, howling ravenously under the delirium of a new moon.

Downers is a San Diego based alt-rock band which features members of now defunct band Idlehands.



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