Possum is Brandon Bak (Guitar, Vocals) Tobin Hopwood (Guitar) Patrick Lefler (Bass) and
Bradley Thibodeau (Drums). The group first connected over the sounds of CAN, Grateful Dead,
Fela Kuti, and Ty Segall, resulting in an other-worldly fusion of garage, kraut, psych rock and
ethno jazz with heavy, time-bending rhythm, chugging bass, and hypnotic riffs. Live audiences
can expect all the cerebral happenings of a party that starts at noon and ends at dawn. The
band's colorful, high-energy performances transport audiences back to the glory days of
psychedelic-rock music. It’s a “punch you out cold twang toned tornado” in the words of one
eloquent fan. Often accompanied by enchanting visual projections by The Oscillitarium, Possum
brings a visceral, immersive, experience to each show they play.
The band met within the psych/garage music scene in Toronto, started playing together and
quickly decided to amalgamate equipment and build a recording studio. With an admiration for
old tape machines, Possum has independently recorded, mixed, produced and packaged 100% of
their music. Recorded almost entirely live and mixed by Brandon Bak & Tobin Hopwood, their
debut album “Space Grade Assembly” is an example of their DIY ethos. Studded in riffing
arpeggios and cooled with a shadowy ghost rider gouging, “Space Grade Assembly” takes you
through a “kaleidoscopic hot washer of a particularly kinetic and frenetic head rushing TV
personality all replete with sci-fi-tronic electro shocks”.
Possum has performed at festivals, clubs, and DIY spaces all over North America with the likes
of Ty Segall, All Them Witches, Shannon and The Clams, Bombino, LA Witch, & Chad Van
Gaalen. After looming in the dark for the past year, Possum is set to release their debut album
"Space Grade Assembly" June 7, 2019 via Garment Street Records.



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