Jesse Palter

Jesse Palter’s blazed a lot of trails in her life. Growing up she played piano, trumpet and oboe, and created tracks with legendary musicians Andrew Gold and the Grammy winning Bass Brothers. Establishing herself as a jazz singer, she studied at the University of Michigan School Of Music, won Outstanding Jazz Vocalist at three consecutive Detroit Music Awards, shared the stage with genre legends and headlined at legendary clubs like NYC’s Blue Note. Honing her chops as a singer-songwriter, she recorded and toured as half of Palter Ego with keyboardist Sam Barsh. All of these musical trails laid the foundation for her emergence as a solo recording artist in her own right with her full-length debut album on Artistry Music (a division of Mack Avenue Music Group), featuring her most vulnerable, brave and brutally honest songs yet.

All of the songs on Paper Trail, with ten tracks of aggressive, piano-pounding pop/rock, were written by Palter. Like an open book, she’s working out snapshots of her life through song and lyric. By the time she signed to Artistry Music, she’d already written an astounding number of songs. Every time she sidles up to the piano to pen a new one, the Detroit born and bred/Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, commits to the discipline of perfecting her craft. She focuses on strengthening her creative muscles to explore what melodies, lyrics and chord changes work best to tell the story.

Playing music since 1985, living with Bipolar 1 Disorder since 2008, traveling to educate on on mental illness, and tying it all together in her unreleased memoir, Open Book, Veronica May's purpose is to spread her messages of compassion, understanding, hope, triumph and the importance of trial. Her music and illustrations depicting mental illness awaken the mind, stir the heart, and open the eyes to the wild world of thought and perception.

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