The New Music Series

The New Music Series

This event was created to continue to pull together the scene here in Philadelphia. A scene that we all are proud to be a part of, dedicated to, and create within. Promoting the whole show, supporting all the bands/musicians, networking, and learning more about the people around you who share the same passion for music is what this night is all about. We appreciate each act sharing their music with us and putting their own stamp on the North Star's New Music Series.

Boy Meets Ghoul

Boy Meets Ghoul are just your average ordinary guys next door with a penchant for dark clothing, zombies, horror movies, legendary monsters and rock n roll, punk and rockabilly music! J.C. Munster and L.L.Ghoul J have joined forces alongside their new bassist C.C. Skinner to use the power of rock n roll music to share their scary stories with the world. Listen to their music and live out the CHILLS, the THRILLS and the BLOOD SPILLS!

Hard Rock from Delaware. Tone started out in the basement, then ended up in another basement -to only be led into a basement, which only a tone could be created such as this.

Gray Fox

Gray Fox is a rock band playing in the Philadelphia area, consisting of Josh Fox (Drums), Zachary Gray (Guitar), Andy Mount (Bass), and Eric Tofsted (Vocals). The band started in Alaska in 2009 with Josh and Zach writing and recording original compositions. In 2010 they moved to Philadelphia where Andy and Eric joined to complete the band.

Influenced by diverse tastes in music (everything from Nine Inch Nails to The Clash), Gray Fox combines metal-inflected blues and modern garage

Thriving Glee

Thriving Glee is a brain eating Industrial Bluegrass/Psychedelic Acid Punk five piece band from Philadelphia,Pa who base their music around the DIY attitude, social freedom, and making lots of noise. Thriving Glee plays loud and raw.

$5.00 - $7.00


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