Singer-Songwriter Night with Matt Staska, Sio Tepper, & Alice Bradley

Sio Tepper

Sio Tepper is a pianist, guitarist, and singer/songwriter native to Santa Barbara, CA. She is classically trained in piano and a self-taught guitarist. Her musical interests range from folk, blues, bossanova, rock, jazz, Hindustani classical music, and western classical music. This diverse musical heritage distinguishes Sio as both a songwriter and performer.

A graduate from UCSB with a B.A. in Ethnomusicology, Sio currently teaches piano and performs in the Santa Barbara area. She has been music and vocal director in local music theater, as well as a member of many groups locally including Mother McCree's, Thomas Wayne Quintet, The Telton Project, UCSB Jazz Ensemble, and Jahnruz.

Sio believes in the potential for community-building through the process of artistic collaboration. Her current collaborative projects reflect this spirit through the integration of diverse creative points of view.



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