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Eric Rachmany

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The John Dank Show

The John Dank Show goes full force with their self-titled debut EP. The John Dank Show demonstrates, not just their passion and hard work but, their skills as young musicians. With an effortless sound infusion and youthful mastery of various genres, they bill themselves as an alternative/reggae band. But, they’ve got a unique sound of their own: not entirely island, not completely rock, throw in a dash of reggae, sprinkle it with some beach sand, and give it a whiff of something ‘dank’, beer, whiskey or barbecue (or a combination of all four), and you’ve got The John Dank Show.

Paolo Cruz (drums), Danton Cruz (bass/vocals), Frankie McJohn (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), and John Tyquiengco (lead guitar/vocals) haze the line of reggae, rock, alternative, and island seamlessly. It comes with the territory – especially their native Guam. But, you get a sense of their desire to get the crowd “moving and grooving” with tracks like “Current” and “Paycheck,” which feature their amazing techniques of switching tempos and typical genre fixes.

But, more than anything, this EP demonstrates their innate abilities as musicians and their songwriting prowess. From their desperate voice of a guy who’s getting played (“And now she’s a villain who’s mastered the art// She’s playing my part…” – Playing My Part) to a poetic depiction of ‘hanging out.’ (“From sun up to sun down// Watching the ocean kiss the sky… “- Paycheck)

Beach, back yard pool party, fiesta, or even a sweet road trip – the southern part of Guam most likely, has this five song-EP written all over it. The EP is merely a stepping stone to bigger and better things for the young guns of TJDS, AND it most definitely hold its own against several artists on the airwaves.

$29.50 - $30


100% of all proceeds for this tour will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit granting clemency, expungement and reentry to nonviolent cannabis prisoners.

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