Greisun, Kyler Slater, Omotola

A New York native, LA based songwriter and artist, greisun is demanding your attention with her undeniable attitude, sass, and energy. Her latest single couldn’t be more on brand with herself as an artist, she’s the most XTRA person you know! At the age of 21, she is hustling to reinvent the music industry, and what it means to be a female songwriter and artist as well as producer. greisun’s alter ego is Po Et, a deep and reflective version of herself, who produces experimental electronic and trap music. Embodying her wild scorpio energy, mixed with her blatant “xtra” attitude, she takes all listeners and #Xtraverts on an engaging ride, with sounds from hip-hop, pop, r&b, and whatever she’s feeling that day. It’s greisun’s partygoer, and she’ll cry if she wants to.

Playing since a young age, Kyler originally favored a conventional band set-up and guitar based melodies, but his sound progressed when he struck out on his own at the age of 15 – his varied and sometimes dark life experiences have played an important role in the evolution of his unique and deeply personal style of music.

Omotola (Oh-MOE-toe-lah) is an indie-soul-pop singer and writer based in Los Angeles. Born to Nigerian parents with a family based in the medical and judicial field, she opted for art despite deep disapproval. Her voice is a unique, sultry blend pulling influences from modern singers like Florence + the machine and classic soul singers like Aretha Franklin. Soul-stirring and enigmatic, it’s serious pop with a unique twist that can leave you in tears or in awe. She is currently finishing her first EP with producer Scott Hackwith (Ramones, Spiritualized, Dig).



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