Hennessy Cognac Dinner

Hennessy Cognac Dinner

We invite you to join us at World Cafe Live for an exclusive dinner pairing featuring Hennessy’s finest blends with carefully curated dishes from Executive Chef Rob Cottman. Hennessy Global Brand Ambassador Jordan Bushell will be on site to inform guests on the rich history of the Hennessy brand. Whether Hennessy is already your favorite or you are brand new to cognac, this night is guaranteed to make you have a new appreciation for the spirit and an understanding of different ways to enjoy it. The evening will start with a welcome cocktail featuring the flagship Hennessy VS and then will be followed by four savory courses individually paired with Hennessy VS, Hennessy Black, Hennessy VSOP, and Hennessy XO. Space is very limited, so do not wait to purchase your tickets.

Jordan Bushell

Head of Mixology and Brand Education

In his constant pursuit for the perfect cocktail, Jordan Bushell joined the Hennessy team in 2010 as the US Ambassador of Mixology and Brand Education. Travelling all around the globe to discover new flavors and techniques, he brings his knowledge, experience and passion when crafting cocktails and educating for Hennessy Cognac.
Since joining Hennessy, Bushell has traveled and mixed throughout the Americas and Europe, creating unique and prolific cocktails for celebrities, industry veterans and anyone that shares a passion for libations. Pairing Hennessy’s unique history and product with modern mixology, Bushell’s cocktails offer a diverse array of flavors for all palettes.  
Through the National Trade Education Program, Bushell is able to share his knowledge of Hennessy’s history, complexity, and competitive set with bartenders across the country. He prides himself on developing courses and programs that inspire bartenders and aficionados, including the Hennessy Bartender Academy, now recognized by bartenders as one of the top alcohol training events in the US. His work has encouraged consumers both in the United States and outside its borders to further their thirst of knowledge for this spirit.
Bushell has lead Hennessy’s efforts to establish a strong presence in bars across the United States and played an integral role in the renewed appreciation of cognac across the country. As the National Hennessy Ambassador, he has published a Hennessy cocktail catalogue, designed high-end mixology tools, and appeared in countless television programs and print publications. He is also a regular presenter, activating countless events at key industry events like Tales of the Cocktail, Bar Institute among others.
Bushell holds certifications in wine education, a Pru D’homme beer specialization and countless spirit courses and seminars both at home and abroad. He also spent a decade honing his skills and gaining valuable experience at the forefront of the service industry, running distinguished cocktail programs to share the joy of the cocktail experience globally.

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