The Convalescence, Worldwide Panic, Casket Robbery

The Convalescence

American death metal / deathcore band from Toledo, Ohio.
Founded in Spring 2011 The Convalescence is a 6 piece band including Keith Wampler (Vocals), Brandon Davis (Guitar), Zac Lunsford (Guitar), Ronald Buckley (Bass), Charles Webber (Drums), and Katie McCrimmon (Keyboards/Vocals). The Convalescence fuses Deathcore with theatrical elements of Black Metal and the shredding guitars and blast beats of modern Death Metal.


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TONIGHT! MON 9/9. Bar opens at 6. Doors at 7. Tickets available at doors. Set times: 730 Open The Nile 815 Casket Robbery 9 Worldwide Panic
10 The Convalescence

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