Emo Night Karaoke

Emo Night Karaoke

Old friends from the bands Thieves and Villains, Just Surrender, Young English, Southcott, Floral Terrace & more got together and learned 60+ pop punk/emo classics for you to sing along too!
Head to the iPad @ Center stage to sign up to sing your favorite songs (groups encouraged!) with several TV's playing the lyrics to help you all sing along

Starting off their musical career on a stage made of tomato cans and plywood in the basement of a pizza parlor in the Bronx, NY, Red Sun Radio's distinct mix of alternative, indie, and rock influences have made for a compelling discography. Their sound ranges from raw, bluesy rockers, to melancholic ballads, to soulful pleas calling for help with cheap beer selection at the local bodega. The band's debut album 'For All the Wrong Reasons' was premiered exclusively on Billboard.com in July of 2019.

Band origins can be as much an adventure as the music, but who would have ever thought that a chance meeting at their kids' school function would result in writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering songs all on their own. But, that's exactly how Spy Convention became a songwriting duo.

Both play instruments, Zafar on mainly vocals and keyboards, and Asif playing the drums, bass and guitar. Asif has a history in the music industry, played for NYC bands, and tasted a bit of modest success such as videos on MTV, world tours, US tours, but never achieved the goal of many musicians: to be able to make music a career. Zafar comes from a musical family and his sister, a lawyer in LA, nearly made it to the top herself.

So what gives, and why bother with the challenging musical landscape these days? It is their love of music that drives them, albeit each coming from different ends of the pop/rock spectrum. Zafar loves alt-indie pop/rock like The National and maybe has heard of Rush songs. Asif on the other hand cut his teeth on rock bands such as Rush, and has become a big fan of The National, Wolf Alice and new Alt/Indies bands across the world. This dynamic makes for lots of ideas and definitely keeps them laughing. After the release of the CD, there were too many people pushing us to go out and play these songs live. At first we were hesitant because finding musicians who enjoy this music is not easy, but we got lucky. Two of our good friends jumped on board and we played some great shows in 2018. "We are approaching this with just a little apprehension but earnestness, with the goal of having fun and sharing our music." Now it looks like they have hit the reset button for the future and the sky will be the limit for Spy Convention.



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