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Black Anvil

NYC’s BLACK ANVIL let loose ‘Triumvirate’, the follow-up to 2009’s acclaimed ‘Time Insults the Mind’, on the unsuspecting world. ‘Triumvirate’s assault is powerful, primal, and pure; capturing and channeling the spirit of metal’s earliest trailblazers through a 21st century urban hostility. Insidious tracks such as “The Evil of All Roots”, “Scalping”, and “Dead and Left” are as cold and hard as they are hypnotic. ‘Triumvirate’ unquestionably leaves BLACK ANVIL’s enduring, pitch-black mark on the metal world.


Conceived in 1998, from the desolation of Northern New York State, Penetration finally acheived a lineup and played for the first time, Halloween weekend 2005, at a few house parties at Bartlett's former residence, the "Thrash Farm", a farm/house in desolation, because back then no one would book the band, being new, from a desolate area, and extreme metal. The band played covers by Bathory and King Diamond, as well as (stilll) unrecorded Penetration songs, "To The Incinerator", and "Vindication". The band then consisted of Jesse Bartlett, Brent Bennett, and Chad Bishop, who only played drums at the first two house parties.

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