Undiscovered Artist Showcase

Undiscovered Artist Showcase

MadLife Stage & Studios Undiscovered Artist Showcase is an evening dedicated to local and regional artists, aspiring and professionals alike, giving them the opportunity to take our stage and present their performance and songwriting talents to an audience comprised of people who truly appreciate musicians, original music and live performances.

The Undiscovered Artist Showcase, is an event for solo songwriters, vocalists and small bands, although any musicians can apply to perform.

During the event, after all participants have performed their set, our panel of judges will select their 3 finalists for the night. In addition, based on applause, the audience will select one crowd favorite finalist. The 4 finalist artists will be invited back to the stage to perform one encore song in the second round. When the encore performances are complete, the judges will select their first, second, third and fourth place winners. The first, second and third place artists are the prize winners for the night, and will be invited to return to MadLife for the Undiscovered Artist Quarterly final.



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