Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (つしまみれ, TSMMR) is an all-girl Japanese rock trio that started in 1999. Their style is eclectic punk rock, mixing noisy and pop instrumental sounds with idiosyncratic, quirky, often funny or disturbing lyrics. They are one of the many bands to have become famous in the United States through the Austin, Texas South by Southwest music festival, and also through their performances at anime conventions, with the Suicide Girls, and at Benten Label's "Japan Girls Nite" U.S. tours.

The group name is a mixture of the group's names (Yayoi Tsushima, Mari, Mizue) and the word "mamire," the Japanese word for "mixed up." They started their own label, Mojor Records in 2010.

Early 2017 Mizue left the band, but soon afterwards they were joined by Maiko, who first played with them as a support drummer for a few domestic shows and their 2nd EU tour, but was added as an official later on.

King Kong

The rock band King Kong was formed in Louisville, Kentucky, in early 1989 by Ethan Buckler, the original bassist in the band Slint. The core trio for many years was made up of Buckler, Willie McClean (bass), and Ray Rizzo (drums). Over the course of its existence King Kong has been joined by Todd Hildreth (keys), Suki Anderson (add'l vocals), Amy Greenwood (add'l vocals), Andy Hurt (percussion), and Dave Pajo (drums).

Xiao Yao

Xiao Yao (pronounced “she-ow ya-ow”) is the improvisational, free and easy wandering of Joshua Barnhart, Derek Becker, Jon Boyd, Rick Franklin (Detholz!), Matt Schwarz (Quasar Wut-Wut), and Stephen Paul Smoker (Smoker). Having all been raised on punk rock, their paths crossed on Route 66 when a shining light led them to an ancient Taoist translation of the Real Book. Their instruments began talking to each other in a variety of languages, and they embarked on a journey of interpreting the Now.



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