Offering up a pungent mix of noise rock and punk injected with guitarist Chris Owens’ corrosive six-string squall, Bay Area band Musk has been a furious racket since first coming together in 2011. Inspired by Australian punk bands like the Scientists and feedtime — Owens (ex-Killers Kiss) bonded with singer Rob Fletcher at a San Francisco reunion show by the latter band as both lamented the lack of real hostility in modern garage punk — as well as the roots-focused sounds of the Chrome Cranks and the Cramps, the group was soon forging its uniquely malevolent sound.” - KPIX-CBS

Aquarian Blood (Memphis, Goner Records)

Led by husband and wife duo JB Horrell (Ex-Cult, Moving Finger) and Laurel Ferdon (Nots, Moving Finger), Aquarian Blood is a crew of six (sometimes seven) Memphis degenerates from assorted generations playing hypnotic, synth-y tracks whose main ruminations are cults, the paranormal, and other obscurities—whirlwind, weirdo punk soaked in the brain-goo pouring out of the ears of an acid freak.

Thigh Master (Australia)

Brisbane’s Thigh Master make their first U.S. tour and no less an authority than Sir Douglas Mosurock has said the quartet's ‘Early Times’ debut LP “is loaded with sunny, ragged hooks and big, sloppy singalongs,” likening the combo to, “a lost Flying Nun band.”


Oakland/SF proto post-wave free punk.



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