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Story Club

The goal of Story Club is to mix the spontaneity of an open mic with the experience of live theater. We create a forum for writers/performers to display their nonfiction storytelling prowess, read from the page or memorized.

We give you a mic and 5-8 minutes. You tell us a story.

We have open mic slots waiting for you!

Open mic participants are given 8 minutes (1300 words) and can tell a story on the theme or not.

Open mic sign-up starts at 7:30pm and we’ll start the show at 8:00pm. If more than 3 storytellers sign up we’ll draw names for the slots.

At the end of the night, the audience will vote for their favorite story. The winner receives a shiny, golden pile of adoration!

As always, a portion of our donations will be supporting an organization that’s making the world better and better.

Story Club North Side is produced and hosted by Stephanie Douglass.


You used to be like that.
Now you’re like this.

It wasn’t easy.
You did it on purpose.
It took a lot of effort.
It just happened.
You never even noticed.
Someone else pointed it out.

Things never really stay the same, but there are metamorphoses of all kinds, and you never know exactly when a big one is going to hit.

September’s Story Club North Side is all about adjustment, reinvention, development, and the remodeling of our lives.

So this Thursday, come share the shouted revolutions and the whispered revisions into the mic at Story Club North Side: Changes, where you’ll transform with:

Victoria Montalbano
Jennifer Companik
Katie Prout


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