Maneka, Grivo, Field Mouse

Devin McKnight, previously of Speedy Ortiz, Grass is Green, and Philadelphia Collins decided to come out of retirement and start his own thing. Jealous of his colleagues in Brooklyn able to play all the shows, Devin decided to start a solo project playing all the instruments in his living room. Then realizing that someone also needed to sing, he did that as well. It's ok, but he's working on it. His struggles with racial identity in the Indie/punk scenes of America influenced the naming of this project. If you don't get it then he probably didn't feel comfortable explaining it to you.

Emerging like an ornate relic of disenchanted youth, Austin-based power trio Grivo combine slow, methodical hooks and warm tube amplifiers to artfully re-establish the link between heavy guitars and downtempo pop. Grivo’s massive tones and effects are utilized as active compositional elements, brilliantly crafting and pacing their infectious riffs to allow the saturated guitars and bruising low-end to fully bloom. Within the tidal sound waves and bleak timbre, Grivo forges a distinctive personal connection that challenges the modern definitions of doom metal and shoegaze.

Field Mouse

$10 - $12


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