These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "hardcore," and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. From the start, AGNOSTIC FRONT released a catalogue of fast and violent punk tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive drumming, bass work, and a non-stop barrage of chaotic shouting. AGNOSTIC FRONT’s uncontrollable drumming and fuming guitars fill every minute like an onrushing storm of flailing limbs and incinerating transistors. The heavier paced balance between the energy and discipline of their earlier punk roots strikes a taut and vivid rock barrage that moshes in close formation. "It's social politics," Roger states. "The day-to-day reality of waking up, reading the newspaper, and walking around the neighborhood. It's a hard stare on why the world is still one fucked-up place, and we tackle the very real shit that's going down: gentrification's running rampant, street justice, world destruction, working wages, and backs are still being stabbed."

Long outliving their now-legendary contemporaries like Minor Threat, SSD, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, AGNOSTIC FRONT could easily live off their laurels, but their fight is yet over! Throughout their storied history, AGNOSTIC FRONT have been anything but a ravishing group of individuals living prosperously and content. In fact, the band is more akin to have experienced growing up in adverse streets, undergoing arduous times, serving time in prison, become inflicted with murdered friends, the list would go on perpetually. But while there are definite vestiges of the past affecting them, they manage to continue and expose the conflicts they had to undergo in a compellingly evocative approach by relating it to their views of the world today.

AGNOSTIC FRONT continues to be living embodiment that "hardcore for life" isn't an empty slogan or a musical dead end. No one is born with tattoos. No one's born hardcore. But when the ink or the music sets in, you're changed. Their latest offering reaffirms that AGNOSTIC FRONT as a band, still operates like a musical razor blade. Regardless of their history, the proof is simple: AGNOSTIC FRONT’s anthems are hard, cutting, and the remarkable music continues to broaden with every release. “We support UNITY! We despise ignorance and hatred within our scene. The only people we should be at war with is those who oppress us, not with each other. Unite! Fight the system! Not ourselves! Believe – Hardcore!”

It was 1986 on the lower east side of New York City, when the sound guy at CBGB's (Tommy Victor) put an add in the Village Voice looking to start a band playing "Black Flag to Black Sabbath".Prong gained respect in the NYHC and punk scene of the late eighties among punk legends Cro-Mags, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Sheer Terror and Bad Brains, maintaining it's signature eclectic style. After being scooped up by the Majors in the 90s "alternative metal" feeding frenzy, PRONG toured globally with Soundgarden, Pantera, White Zombie, Faith no More, and Danzig.“PRONG was definitely a Lower East Side band" says Tommy Victor. "We weren’t a bunch of kids in the suburbs playing in garages. We were part of that whole art scene, the same scene as street artists like Keith Haring and Basquiat. It was poor Ukrainian Immigrants, biker gangs and drug addicts. Nobody wanted to live down there."

Looking back on 30 + years of Prong, with 12 studio albums and 2 live albums, Prong to this day eludes being defined within one genre. Aside from Prong, Tommy Victor was nominated for a grammy for his work with Ministry. He also plays in Danzig, and collaborated with Trent Reznor and Rob Zombie.

A film on his life and career as well as an autobiography are in the works.

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