Joseph King & The Mad Crush, iEzra "Digital Downpour" Record Release

Joseph King and the Mad Crush

Joseph King is a songwriter and front man living in Brooklyn, New York. After 8 releases, incessant tours, and countless never-ending nights with his first two projects, Canvas (Austin, TX) and Deadbeat Darling (New York, NY), Joseph released his first solo album,“Wanderlusting” in 2014 - a stripped down acoustic driven collection of surfy pop tunes. His follow up EP, “I Miss Everything”, is due out in early 2017 and is a fully realized
manifestation of Joseph’s unique songwriting and musical style - sincere and sometimes quirky pop songs with straight forward indie rock edge, surf rock undertones, and late 60’s throwback pop sensibilities. Released under the new moniker Joseph King and the Mad Crush, he’s joined on this album by his long time and now permanent band - Will Whatley (drums), Dan Hyde (keys), and Taryn Chory (vocals).


iEzra is a the solo project of Ezra Huleatt (Black Taxi) that see's him exploring a new musical space; one filled with disparate loops, hip hop drums, Morricone strings up against New Orleans brass. His latest album---Digital Downpour---highlights this clash of genres, resulting in songs that are biblical in proportion and mirror the movement of their production: sketches written in the deserts of New Mexico, fleshed out in Montauk basement sessions, and then recorded over a few months between NYC, Telluride and Tulum. The lyrics speak to the technologification of humanity, our stumble into a future of faster and better, the poetry of loss, of rage and optimism. The sound is an urban underbelly---all the grit, electricity, and lust---juxtaposed with a call to the wild, a whispered plea building to a disco tent revival, a mind caught between love and pain propped up on a heartbeat that refuses to go quietly.

The album release for Digital Downpour will take place at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, September 17th at 9 PM. iEzra (full band) will be sharing the bill with Joseph King and the Mad Crush...a cross pollination of past and present and what will be. Stay posted for new website and further links.



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