Vitamin R- a tribute to Chevelle

Deft-Ones- a tribute to Deftones

deft ones is a houston based tribute to deftones. we started this endeavor because of our love for deftones, and our desire to celebrate their music with other fans of deftones.

A Small Victory- a tribute to Faith No More

A Small Victory was assembled in the summer of 2017. The line up was carefully selected of true die hard Faith No More fans. Former bandmates Mike Perez and Todd Baker reconnected after 12 years to discuss the emerging tribute scene. How cool would it be to do a tribute to FNM. Numbers of auditions were held and line ups were changed to find the passion that this project deserves. The right guys for the job were found. Maximillano and Gustaff were selected. The rest is History and the present and.....the future!

$10 ADV / $40 VIP TABLE


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