The Hip Abduction

Band based in St. Petersburg, FL that formed over a mutual appreciation for West African and early Jamaican reggae/dub music.

Decent at Best is a genre-bending, hybrid band from Tacoma, WA, who enjoy blending electronic synths, live guitar & drums, melodic vocals and R&B/Hip-Hop to explore uncharted sonic territories. Each member of the band brings a unique background of musical influences together to create infectious, uplifting, dance-worthy tunes that blur the lines between various genres.

Take It To Space

Take It To Space will bring you a rich, bold, tasty organic blend of Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco, Dance and World Music. Our tight and virtuosic musicianship and heavy riffage combined with the awesome movemental sounds of Pink Floyd will stimulate all your 5 senses and get you on that dance floor. We are infectiously committed to high quality live performances and sophisticated music making for your ears-holes. We're just a bunch of weird people, whose weirdness complement each other in such harmony it will astound you. We will bring you to the precipice of sounds and feels that music should give you.

$12 advance / $16 day of show

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