Pom Pom Squad

Pom Pom Squad

Pom Pom Squad promises to be better than your high school cheerleading team.The brainchild of Mia Berrin, this quiet grrrl punk band is a musical coming-of-age journey heavily influenced by the sounds of the Riot Grrrl movement, contemporary East Coast indie rock, and new-wave. Berrin initially started recording and releasing demos out of her teenage bedroom after graduating from a competitive prep-school as a way to combat her (post) high-school angst. She grew in a household of pop-culture obsessives, her father was a seminal voice in the late 80s/early 90s hip-hop scene and raised her and her siblings on the music of Erik B. & Rakim, while her mother, a fashion student and punk, introduced her to the music of The Smiths and The Cure. Constantly moved from town to town, Berrin developed what she refers to as a “double-consciousness” from a very young age which influences the unique perspective and scope of her songwriting— often engrossed in her own first person experience and simultaneously zoomed to the third person, out watching it all like a movie. Now a Brooklyn four-piece, Pom Pom Squad has the heart of a punk band, but breaks some of the tired genre tropes via a unique, cathartic, live experience that features disarmingly vulnerable stage banter, letterman jackets, and deli roses. What the project has retained from its high school persona is this spirit of self-exploration.The burning desire to turn the liminal space inside oneself into fuel. To make ugly, messy, boring things, into beautiful ones. To embrace the radical idea that your own perceived version of your “best” self might not always be your most potent. The goal is not necessarily to be comfortable but to embrace discomfort. Sometimes with grace, most often without.

Leah & The Low Keys

Leah Lavigne backed by a lowkey decent indie rock band (the Lowkeys; with Jase on bass, Jake on guitar, and Matt on drums) that deal in dreamy melodies and driving rhythms. The Brooklyn-based band’s debut release is set for this Fall.


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